My name is Chichi and I am a freelance beauty writer from London. This blog is all about cosmetics, with a little bit of lifestyle and fashion thrown into the mix.


When did you start blogging?
I started my blog in November 2013 as a creative outlet.

What camera do you use?
I use the Praktica Luxmedia Z212. I don't think you *need* to buy an expensive camera, just one that works well and takes high-quality pictures. I also use my Samsung Galaxy phone camera.

What's your day job? Are you a full-time blogger?
During the day I work full-time as a freelance beauty writer and I specialise in writing copy and content for beauty businesses and publications. I don't blog full-time (but I wish I could!).

Please feel free to get in touch with me, or check out this page if you would like to collaborate with me. If you need to hire a beauty writer for your business, then check out my website and contact me.

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