Thank You Very Much, And Goodbye

When I set up this blog in 2013, I didn't really expect it to turn out the way it did. I set up Chichi Writes because I needed to create a writing portfolio for a career in journalism/media/public relations/marketing/content creation, and I wanted to establish a creative outlet - my own personal platform where I could express myself and find my voice.
Since then, I've become a fully-fledged member of the blogging community. I've spent hours upon hours writing blog content. I've met fellow bloggers at events and engaged with many online. I've collaborated with some wonderful brands. Best of all, I've been able to spend time doing the thing I've always loved: writing. Throughout my childhood, I was always made to feel bad for having an interest in writing and for wanting to have a career that involved words, so having a blog has enabled me and empowered to pursue my passion and my career.

My blog has kind of been 'the thing' that's kept me going through trying times. I started my blog at a time when I was living in a poor quality house with a group of girls, some of whom were absolutely spiteful towards me. It was also a lovely hobby to have alongside my studies. Throughout the years, I've had so many issues: major fallouts with toxic friends, financial struggles at university, unemployment, huge battles with other tenants in houseshares and flatshares, family conflict, being messed around in previous jobs, and the challenges that come with studying a degree.

But through it all, my blog has always been the one thing that's been there. The thing that's given me purpose. The thing that's led me to my current career. The thing that's kept me focused away from all the drama and madness. The thing that's helped me to strengthen my writing skills. The thing that's given me confidence in my abilities.

Throughout the years, I feel as though I've grown with this blog and I've learned a lot, but over the past several months, I've felt as though I've outgrown this blog. It's time for a change, so I've decided to set up a new venture - a new chapter in my blogging life.

Since I was young, it's always been a dream of mine to be a beauty writer, which is one of the reasons why I started portfolio building, blogging, guest posting and freelance writing in the first place. But I've always wanted a beauty platform of my own.

So... I've set up a new blog that's going to be all about makeup! Nothing else, but just my passion - a passion that I want to share with others, and a passion that I want others to engage with. I've set up a self-hosted blog on a different platform and I'm good to go, ready to embark on my dream. That means that I won't be blogging at Chichi Writes anymore.

I'll still keep this blog up and running, but I won't be updating it any time soon. I'll be transferring content from this blog to the new one so some of my posts will be disappearing from here. 

Thank you to those who have read my blog and truly supported me. Thank you to the wonderful brands I've worked with. Thank you to my fellow bloggers and YouTubers for inspiring me to start a blog in the first place. I will forever appreciate this wonderful community.

It's time for a new journey!

Read my new makeup blog here.

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  1. sad to see this go but when one door closes another one opens good luck x