Dresses For The Season: Proms, Graduations And Summer Parties*

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This is the season for special occasions: proms, summer balls, graduations and summer parties.
I remember graduating over two years ago and the last time I attended a ball was when I was in my first year. I always make sure that I have my dress and makeup ready in advance because the last thing I want to do is to rush or stress out on the day. It can be quite hard to find the right dress but it can be done.

If you're off to a prom or graduation event and you're stuck on what to wear, then don't fret! Here are some ideas on what to wear.

Proms and summer balls
Going to your college prom or university summer balls should be one of the most exciting moments in your life. I went to my school prom but I didn't go to a summer ball at university (and I kind of regret that now.)

Finding the right dress for this type of event can be a little bit tricky because there are so many dresses to pick from and as a student, you want to find something that's nice but within your budget.

If I were to go shopping for a summer ball then I'd check out Chic Clothing or Little Mistress because those retailers have some of the best dress collections. I'd also check out Prom Dress Finder, which is a website that's dedicated to being a one-stop online shop for prom dresses. Here, you can find a variety of prom dresses to suit your preferences, and the site features different types of dresses from a collection of popular brands, such as ASOS, Amy Lynn, Glamorous, Girls On Film and Forever Unique.

Also, you can find shoes and accessories to go with your dress. Prom Dress Finder features hair inspiration so that you can come up with prom hairstyle ideas and you can read transport advice so you can travel to and from your prom in style.

Click here to search for prom dresses at Prom Dress Finder and find the dress of your dreams!

In the meantime, here are my dress suggestions for your prom or summer ball. I'd recommend going for a dress that's sweet and demure.

If you're graduating this summer and you plan on attending your graduation ceremony, then you should definitely wear a formal dress that pretty and pastel-coloured, but formal. If you've read my graduation post, then you'll see that I wore a pink dress and a pair of black heels for my graduation outfit. I can remember that day: I graduated in July 2016 and I was absolutely boiling! I wore a black gown and black absorbs heat, so I felt so hot!

Check out my graduation dress recommendations.

If you want to copy my graduation look, then check out my outfit items below.

Summer parties
For some of us, going out this summer means going to fun events like parties, hangouts and casual days out. I know for myself, I currently don't have any plans to attend huge occasions and I'm more likely to go out with friends for food and drinks, a party in the park, a BBQ or a day out at the beach, so I will be wearing causal dresses. I do have plans to go out to networking events and trade shows this season, but these events are casual too, so I know that I'll be wearing an outfit that's not too formal.

Here are my suggestions for you if you're looking for casual dresses that will have you looking super chic.

Are you attending special events this summer? Let me know in the comments section below.

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