Five Top Tips To Help Create Your Dream Home Office*

dream office

Since I started working from home over a year ago, creating an office/desk space that suits me has become a top priority. I currently work at a desk that's organised and structured at the best of times, but I've always wanted a dream office.
If you work or study from home then I would certainly recommend creating an office space that's tailored to you. If that's not possible then at least create a desk space in a room where you can concentrate and find peace and quiet.

Working from an office or at a desk does wonders for your productivity. I find that I struggle to work from a bed or a sofa. Working from a desk means that I feel much more organised, productive and professional.

With those points in mind, here are my top tips to help create your dream office space.

office light

1. Make sure that your lighting is on point.
A poorly lit office is a no-no. You'll find it hard to concentrate and you'll struggle to view your work, causing eye strain. My desk area is in my bedroom, a room that leads out into the garden so I get plenty of natural light, and I have a lamp beside my desk - and a couple of extra light sources - so that I can get extra light into my room. When designing your office make sure that you have bright lights - not too bright but not too dim - and natural lighting. You could always take a trip to your local design light shop to get ideas on how to light up a room and discover different styles of lights. You could even hire a lighting designer to help you out.

2. Make your office 'ergonomic.'
Your office needs to make you comfortable and able to work efficiently. Using a poorly designed office space, in the long run, could lead to issues later on in life, such as repetitive strain injury. Your office needs to have comfortable and adjustable chairs, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, blinds to keep glare away from the screen and an adjustable visual display unit that aligns with your eyes. I wrote a post on taking care of your eyes while working at a screen, and you can read that here.

3. Choose the right colour scheme.
No one wants to work in a boring and dull office - it's demotivating and demoralising. The best thing about creating a home office is that you can choose how you want it to look, including the right colour scheme to suit your personality. I'd recommend a light colour scheme with pops of bold tones.

This is my dream office.

4. Decorate.
Add objects and prints to your office. Put up posters and wall art on the wall. Add a plant to the window sill. Place stress balls on your desk. Whatever you fancy! If I had my dream office right now I'd add wall arts and prints and I'd buy pink, gold and rose gold objects to place around the room and on my desk.

5. Stock up on stationery.
Of course, your office is your place for work (or study) so you need to be organised. Stock up on notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. Then get to work.

How would you design your dream home office?

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