Five Benefits Of Having A Web Presence As A Beauty Pro*

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*This post is in collaboration with Silky Ocean Studios.

As a freelance beauty writer, I understand the importance of having an online presence. It's a great way to market yourself and your services.

I set up my website, Chichi Writes Beauty, last year and I re-did my website a couple of months ago. I set up my own business website because I wanted to be able to market and advertise my services online, and I wanted potential clients to find me via Google.

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Since then, I've been able to gain a lot of interest and I've been able to use the website as a tool to pitch to clients.

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If you're a beauty professional - makeup artist, writer, journalist, video editor, editor, hairdresser, manicurist, etc - I'd 100% recommend setting up a business website, regardless of whether you're self-employed or employed. You can create the website yourself - which is what I did - or you can hire a web design company - such as Silky Ocean Studios - to do it for you. Here are some of the reasons why it's important to have a web presence as a beauty professional.

1. Having a web presence makes you much more visible.
A beauty business website allows others to find you and see what you have to offer. It also keeps you relevant and active because, after all, most people are immersed in the digital world and are often on the internet.

2. Having a web presence shows that you are professional.
As a beauty writer, I feel as though having a website shows that I am credible, professional and serious about what I do for a living. It shows that beauty writing is not just a hobby for me - it's my career, so clients are more likely to want to work with me.

3. Having a web presence expands your reach.
Having a business website means that anyone in the world can find my services and reach out to me so I can have clients from the UK, the USA, South Africa, Australia, Bali, Argentina, Brazil - anywhere! A beauty business website makes you much more accessible and allows you to expand your client base.

4. A web presence gives you the chance to showcase your work and skills.
It's important to have a portfolio but it's even better to have a business website. You can incorporate your portfolio into a business website and showcase your work in the best way. On my website, I have links to my article writing portfolio, content writing portfolio, my Upwork profile and my blog, and it's nice to have everything in one place. It makes marketing myself a lot easier.

5. A web presence builds a brand.
A web presence is not just a great way to market and advertise your services - it's also a great way to establish your own brand, position yourself and make a mark in your chosen industry.

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