The Perfect Watch For All Ocassions

As a self-proclaimed busy bee who always has a lot of work to do, social appointments to keep, errands to run and events to attend, I often have to make sure that I'm totally organised and on top of time-keeping.

I am quite strict about my schedule and I like to have a routine. I know what time I need to get up in the mornings and I set my alarm. I believe it's better to be too early than be too late. If I'm meeting a friend, then I always have to have all the details: when and where are we meeting and at what time? For every task I do, I always like to start at the top of the hour, work for 45 minutes and take a break for 15 minutes. I am very 'particular' about my time so I hate having my time disrespected, wasted and impinged upon.

I am constantly watching the clock, not because I'm bored but because I need to monitor my time, especially as someone who is self-employed. Even though we live in the day and age of smartphones, I always like to check the time using an actual clock, so when I was sent the Jones watch by Folsom & Co.*, I was pleased to try it out. I only received the watch over a week ago but I've been wearing it a lot ever since.

folsom & co. Jones

The Jones watch by Folsom & Co. is a classic gold quartz watch that's suitable for all occassions. It's minimalist in style and design. I love gold, I love a watch and I like a simple but clasic watch that stands out. I've worn this watch out a lot: I wore it when I recently met up with a couple of good friends from sixth form to go to a local coffee shop, and I wore this watch when I attended a family member's event on the weekend. I've also worn this watch when out and about on errands.

All in all, I like this watch. It's pretty cool, classic, stylish and elegent - it's the perfect choice.

Do you like to wear a watch?

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