Put Your Best Face Forward With Cloud Cloth

Cloud Cloth

As you probably know, establishing a highly effective skincare routine is important to help keep your face clear and flawless. After trying out different things, I've figured out the things that work and don't work for me.
One product I've tried out is Cloud Cloth*, which is a cotton cloth that cleanses the face and gets rid of makeup. Made from high-quality sourced cotton, the cloth has a soft side - which is suitable for sensitive skin - and the 'rough' side - which buffs away impurities and dead skin. The cloth is reusable - so good for the environment - and the cloth is made in Britain.

Cloud Cloth

To use Cloud Cloth, I started off by using micellar water to remove makeup from my face and I apply a clay mask. Then I wet the cloth with warm water and I gently wipe it all over my face for a complete cleanse. You can also use the cloth to refresh your face in the mornings by adding cool water to the cloth and dabbing it all over.

Like I said before, you can wash and reuse Cloud Cloth over and over again, which is handy, and it's a gentle cloth, which works well for me because I have sensitive skin. By using Cloud Cloth consistently, you can be sure to achieve a flawless complexion.

You can check out Cloud Cloth here.

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