#GIRLBOSS Interview: Florence Grace, founder of Love From Magazine

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I love finding out more about people who've been able to make a success of themselves, or on the path to success.
Florence Grace is a lifestyle blogger and freelance content creator who has a lot of strings under her bow, so to speak. She works in social media and communications and runs her own magazine. She has also worked in TV presenting, radio and journalism. It's fair to say that she is totally bossing her career right now!

Introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do?
I'm Florence Grace and I'm a part-time Communications Officer, part-time social media professional, freelance journalist and the founder and editor of Love From...Magazine.

Who inspired you to become a #Girlboss?
Being a 'girl boss' happened completely by accident. In fact, I hadn't even heard of the term right away, and it wasn't until I came across a lot of bloggers running sideline businesses referring to themselves as a girl boss that I realised I was too. At the time I had eight jobs and was trying to build an empire, and I thought what I was doing was pretty cool- so I wanted to be recognised for my efforts and to be labeled a girl boss too! However, probably the biggest inspirations were Zoella, Brandi Mishonna, and Ruby Mae Moore.

What inspired you to start freelancing, blogging and Love From... Magazine?
I was inspired to start my blog after being told it would be a great way for me to launch a career for myself within the media industry - and it worked. Plus, it has opened many more doors for me, which I am so happy about and grateful for! I wasn't really inspired to start freelancing, it just kind of happened - I saw the job advertised, went for it thinking I'd never get it in a million years and then I did and suddenly, hey presto! I was being given articles from a variety of clients and was deemed, my own boss!

I was inspired to start Love From... Magazine because I always wanted to work at a magazine. It's so hard to get a job with a big magazine though and the industry is so competitive, so I just started my own instead!

I know what you mean - that's why it's so good to start your own platform and create opportunities for yourself! What are the perks of being your own boss?
Being your own boss means working to fit your schedule. I can sleep all day then work all night if I want. It also means picking your working conditions: I can work in my bed, on the sofa, at a friend's house, at a local cafe. As long as there's WiFi, I can work anywhere! I can also go on holiday whenever I like too, which is great.

Same here! I love being my own boss too. I like being location-independent and working anywhere, whenever I want, and I like being able to dictate my own schedule. I love the freedom and flexibility freelancing brings me. What are the challenges of being your own boss?
The one thing I really struggle with is motivation and procrastinating. It is so easy to get caught up watching 'just one more' episode of a Netflix series rather than getting on with your work when you know you don't have anyone to answer to but yourself!

I kind of agree, though, for myself, I have no issues motivating myself as I'm quite organised and self-disciplined. I think the one thing I dislike about freelancing is the financial instability, especially when you're just starting out. Also, I find it hard finding my ideal clients sometimes. What's the one thing you wish you had known before going self-employed?
Probably how to set up taxes and register as self-employed. I've had a LOT of help with that and still have no clue about it all!

I agree. I find the process very complex and overwhelming, though I'm getting better at filing tax returns and documenting earnings and expenses. Plus, considering the fact that we'll all pay tax in our lives, I find it so strange that we're not taught about taxes and HMRC at school.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In five years' time, I think I'd like to be doing pretty much exactly what I'm doing now, just making more money! I'd also love to see Love From... Magazine take off and become an established and successful publication with a similar reach to that of Blogosphere magazine!

I hope you achieve your goals. I'm pretty similar - in fives years' time I'd love to still be doing what I'm doing now (freelance beauty writing and beauty blogging) but I'd love to make a lot of money. I'd love to earn enough not just to get by, but to live, thrive and live my dream lifestyle. For the moment though, it's best to just keep on working our asses off.

What advice would you give to young women who want to start #girlbossing?
Go for it! What are you waiting for? Do what it is that gets you passionate and excited, do what it is that you love to do, go out there and absolutely smash your goals. What's stopping you? The time is now!

A big thank you to Florence Grace for taking part in this interview.

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