London Fashion Week Festival (February 2018)

Hello all!

Even though things have been a bit up and down - I'd like to take a different direction in my life - I've still been quite busy. If I'm not doing freelance and blogging work, I am busy attending events around London.
So...I recently attended the London Fashion Week Festival for the very first time, which was pretty exciting!

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that I've always wanted to attend London Fashion Week. For years I wanted to go but I just never did. Mainly this was because I was living away in Leeds while studying full-time, but other times, there was always a reason that kind of got in the way. This time round I thought, "that's it - I'm buying myself a ticket and I will go to London Fashion Week Festival."

I went on Friday 22nd February 2018 and I made my way to the Strand. For some reason I expected it to be packed and very busy (it was) but I thought I'd have to queue up for a long time befor entering. However, within minutes I picked up my Gold tickets - and a cool tote bag - and was admitted entry.

The London Fashion Week Festival is more of an event for shoppers but you can attend seminar talks and catwalk shows and those aspects of the event were much more appealing to me. After strolling around and looking at the brands and the collections on show, I went to Trinny Woodhall's talk, where she shared some really good advice on fashion and style - from how to style a pair of trousers, to the importance of buying clothes that are valueable, to updating your wardrobe with staple items. Sometimes I watch her segment on This Morning, which I thoroughly enjoy, but after attending her talk I felt as though I'd walked away with a lot of great tips. Trinny is a really good style guru and she knows exactly what she's talking about.

As I'd purchased the Gold ticket I was entitled to view two catwalk shows - Designer and Trend - but I had a bit of time to kill before the shows were about to start, so I treated myself to a cocktail and I had another look around the clothes on display. Then it was time to attend the catwalk shows.

All in all, I had a wonderful day at the London Fashion Week Festival. It was nice to see the trends and designs on the catwalk, and attending Trinny's talk was a great experience because it was so informative and fun.

Here are some more pictures from the London Fashion Week Festival.

Have you ever been to London Fashion Week?

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