Fashion Wishlist: OD’s Designer Clothing

I must admit something: I have far too many clothes.

Recently, I was sorting through some of my items and I realised that I have too many clothes, many of which I have acquired over the years. Some of the clothes I own are clothes that I purchased myself, but others were clothes that were bought for me or gifted to me.
I'd love to do a massive clearout and donate a lot of clothes to charity, or maybe I'll try to sell some of my clothes via Depop - I don't know. I could sell clothes and make money but I feel better when I'm generous.

In the meantime, I seem to be discovering brands and retailers that I'd never heard of before, such as OD's Designer Clothing. This site sells the best designer clothing for women, men and children at affordable prices and offers free next day delivery, so you can order a designer item at a discounted price and receive it the next day. That's pretty cool!

I've had a look at OD's Designer Clothing, which offers many clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery and watches from a variety of brands. There are a lot of things to pick from and I've compiled a wishlist of the things I'm currently lusting after. Take a look.
I love bags - I have too many! But the Vivienne Pimlico bags (in Black and Taupe) would be the perfect additions to my bag collection, which expands from time to time. I like tote bags and I think they are good for when I'm on the go. As I travel around London a lot and attend events often, it's good to have a bag that will fit in all my essential items (but not too many items of course).

Even though most of us are on our phones a lot of the time - unfortunately I am not the exception to this and I am desperately trying to cut down on screen time - I prefer to check the time on a watch, especially when I'm out and about - I don't like to take my phone out when I'm in public. The Hugo Boss Ladies Symphony Watch is a really pretty watch that would look good on my arm. I love the colours: white and pastel shades with rose-gold hour markers and diamonds.

I always like to wear jewellery with any outfit. The Olivia Burton Daisy Chain Bracelet is a pretty bracelet that you can accessorise with a pretty spring/summer outfit. The Olivia Burton Butterfly Wing Necklace is an accessory that would be great for a feminine-chic outfit.

If you're looking to stock up on knitwear then now's the time to buy because there are a lot of discounts available. I like the Ted Baker Lislie Pleat Rib Detail Knitwear top: I love the rib detail and white knitwear is always a good go-to staple piece.

Have you ever shopped at OD's Designer Clothing?

*This is a collaborative post.

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