5 Beauty Myths You Need To Stop Believing

beauty myths

As a beauty blogger with a massive passion for cosmetics, I often read articles and blog posts on top beauty tips.
Even though I'm a beauty blogger and not a beauty expert, I always like to make sure that I do my research and fact-check before publishing certain statements on my blog.

There are so many beliefs in beauty that are false and it's time to debunk those myths! Here are five beauty myths you need to stop believing right now.

1. You can use hairspray to set your makeup.
Absolutely not! Using hairspray on your face is not a good idea. It's not effective in setting makeup on your face and it's quite sticky. There are plenty of makeup setting sprays that will do the job. Check out my recommendations below.

2. Shaving will make your hair grow back thicker.
When I started shaving I was always told this, but it's not true. Shaving your legs makes the hairs short and blunt, so it feels thick and dense. That doesn't mean that it grows back thicker - because it doesn't.

3. Exfoliating dries out the skin
No way! Sorry, but as someone who's really big on exfoliating my body, this is not true at all. If anything, exfoliating the skin increases circulation and helps to keep soft and nourished.

4. Botox leads to loss of facial expression.
A lot of people think that getting Botox will cause you to lose your facial expressions. I can understand why; the image of being injected with a substance that isn’t naturally supposed to be there, and which temporarily blocks muscle signals can be quite daunting. However, Botox simply relaxes the muscles and it can actually enhance expressions. There are so many opportunities for getting Botox in London and beyond, and if it was really causing people to lose their facial expressions, would it even be this popular? No, of course not! It’s effective, painless and accurate, so you don’t have to worry about making the right decision.

Another common myth is that Botox is only effective for facial lines, but this also isn't true. Botox is used for a variety of conditions such as chronic back pain and hyperhidrosis disorder (extreme sweating.) London Botox clinics offer Botox for cosmetic reasons and specific health conditions, so looking and feeling great doesn’t seem so far away.

5. Makeup causes breakouts.
This isn't really true. There are different reasons why breakouts occur. I have oily skin, which triggers acne. Before applying makeup I always make sure that my skin is clear and I have a morning and evening skin care routine.

Other beauty myths that need to be debunked:
- Tanning beds are safer than tanning in the sun's rays: tanning beds are just as harmful as the sun because both expose you to the ultraviolet radiation. UV rays damage your skin and increase the risk of skin cancer.
- Cutting hair will make it grow faster: I was always told this as a child but it's not correct. Yes, it's important to trim your hair but hair grows at the same rate regardless of the chop. Also, trimming your hair will not stop it from growing back.
- Wearing makeup everyday is bad for your skin: overloading your skin with products and 'caking' your face is bad for your face, but wearing makeup every day isn't.
- You should wash your hair everyday: no, don't do this! It's totally unnecessary. If anything, washing your hair everyday can dry out your hair, especially if you have afro hair. If you need to wash your hair frequently then I'd recommend co-washing - washing your hair with conditioner only.

What beauty myths have you heard?

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