Why A Stylish Jacket Is Your Must-Have This Season


After a few months of wearing the same clothes, many of us wish we could scrap our wardrobe and start from scratch. It’d be nice to be out with the old and in with the new! But really, all you need is some stylish, staple pieces that can revamp any outfit and be suitable for all occasions.
Fashion retailers such as Trilogy Stores believe that the wardrobe essential that you should invest in is the jacket - and I agree! It's a classic fashion staple.


A style guide
If you’re looking to buy one garment to restyle your closet, make it a jacket. There are many types out there and it’s up to you which one you wear to complete your own look.

The blazer
A blazer is perfectly versatile — wear it for your dream interview, casual drinks or a big night out.
Blazers are thought to be a workwear piece but dress them up and they no longer become plain and boring. Think about the types of neckline that are out there. A rounded neckline on a blazer can be paired perfectly with a ‘peter-pan collar’ (flat collar with curved edges) or a scoop neck cotton top. There are also plunging blazers out there that nip in at the waist and accentuate your curves. The options are endless, but whichever style you choose, make sure it complements the rest of your wardrobe.  
If you do choose to buy a blazer, don’t think that you have to spend a fortune on a custom-made piece. Soft-tailoring is very ‘in’ this season, which means that it is less about straight cut and structured style and more about drapes and fashionable ease. It also makes blazers more wearable — for example, you wouldn’t feel out of place wearing a waterfall jacket to the office or a restaurant.
Choosing a jacket with the right length of sleeve can be quite difficult. Sometimes a sleeve can hang over your hand or ride up the arm. Consider three-quarter sleeves — a stylish alternative to the traditional cuff-linked jacket. For some extra detail, why not look for frilled or frayed sleeves.
Pair your blazer with dark denim jeans and your favourite shirt to create the perfect outfit for work. Add some heels into the mix for a dressier look that is appropriate for all fancy occasions!

Another jacket to have in the wardrobe is the classic denim jacket. It’s not as dressy as the classic blazer but a dark denim jacket can be matched with a jumpsuit or going-out outfit to complete the look (and add warmth!)
A denim jacket can dress down an outfit too. You may feel too formal in tailored trousers and a crew neck top for a garden party but add your denim jacket and you’ll fit right in. Even though they usually sit above the waist, this style of jacket pairs nicely with a maxi dress or floaty summer dress.
Due to its lack of durability, denim isn’t the best option for the colder months. But, even if it sits in the back of your wardrobe for half the year, you’re guaranteed to get your wear out of it when the sun comes out — the denim trend is never-ending.


Another trend that comes back year-on-year is the leather jacket. It’s a classic that can be worn with distressed jeans and a graphic t-shirt or with a patterned dress in the autumn months.
The leather jacket offers an edgy twist to whatever you’re wearing — giving off that biker chick vibe. Team it with distressed black jeans, an over-sized shirt and heeled ankle boots to complete the look.
Use a leather jacket to add a pop of colour to your closet. Invest in a red or blue jacket to add a pop of colour to a plainer outfit. Because of its thicker material, a leather jacket is most suitable for the colder months — team with a chunky knit scarf and knee-high boots to keep you super cosy.

So, what’s in this season for jackets? As I mentioned before, soft tailoring is definitely in! Adding a lightweight, comfortable jacket to your wardrobe and outfits this season will keep you stylish and up to date with the latest trends. Consider a Helene Berman jacket; the pastel colours are perfect for this season and the style can be matched with a range of outfits.

*This is a collaborative post.

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