My Luxury Travel Bucket List For 2018

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I recently wrote a post on the holidays that I'd ideally like to take this year. You can read that post here. When it comes to travel, I'd like to focus on luxury, even if it's on a budget (think: champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget). I think it's the best way to travel.

Life's been hectic and the weather in England has been absolutely awful recently, so I've been dreaming of flying away and soaking up the sun in an exotic location. If I could click my fingers and do that right now then I would!

Here's my luxury travel bucket list for 2018.


Thailand is full of sun, sea, sand and scenic views. It's a place that's full of religious and conservative points of interest, culture and tasty Thai cuisine. From what I've seen it's a place that is beautiful and it's a popular destination for travellers. If you're thinking of going to Thailand this year and you need to book a trip, then click here.


The Maldives is one of the most sought-after tropical destinations in the world and it's easy to see why. Who could resist the sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and relaxing resorts where you can take a break and chill? These are the reasons why I want to visit the Maldives.


The Bahamas is another exotic location that's perfect for a holiday. I'd love to visit and indulge in delicious Bahamian cuisine (which consists of tropical fruits and seafood), hop from island to island, soak up the sun and watch the carnivals.


When people think of Cuba they think of the communist regime, but Cuba has a lot to offer. It's a country that is full of Spanish architecture, small towns and Latin American culture.


Bali seems to have become the next popular go-to destination for influencers. I didn't know much about Bali until recently but I'd love to visit because it's good value for money and it's a great place to visit because of the beaches, temples, the natural habitat and the kind and friendly people.


I think Greece has always been on any bucket list I've created because to me it's such a wonderful destination. I know people who have been to Greece and they've loved it every time. Greece has beautiful landscapes, crystal-blue seas and a healthy and tasty cuisine.

What are your favourite luxury destinations?

*This is a collaborative post.

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