5 Things Every Student Must Do In 2018

I graduated from university in July 2016, but my university experience feels like yesterday.
Even though I had a great experience overall, I do have a few regrets over my time at university and I wish I could have had a completely different experience. I don't let the regrets get me down, but there were so many things that I could have done.

Anyway, if you are attending university right now and just started the semester, then here are some things that you should do in 2018 to enhance your time.

1. Set up a society
One of the things I regret is not starting a society while I was at university. It's great to join a society and I would 100% recommend this if you are at university. I joined a few but I was heavily involved with the women's magazine society at my university, and that helped me to hone my passion for writing. But one thing I wish I'd done was set up a society of my own. I would have loved to have set up a society for beauty lovers like myself - that would have been so cool.

2. Take a module outside of your subject area
If this is possible for you then I'd recommend doing this. It's a great way to explore a different interest and learn new skills. At my university, you can take 'elective' or 'discovery' modules outside of your degree and it still counts towards your final mark (unless you're in your first year). I studied Politics and Sociology, but when I was in my final year I studied a year-long module titled Media Law, because I've always had an interest in a career in the media and I wanted to be best prepared for it, and the module was aimed at media students with no prior knowledge of law. Funnily enough, I work in digital media as a freelance copywriter and blogger, and the topics I learned from the module have come in very handy. I've even kept my media law textbook for reference. If you're considering a career in media and a media law course is available at your university, definitely sign up and take it.

3. Start career planning
Newsflash: you should start career planning and research in the first year. Yes, you read that right - your first year. It's no use starting in your final semester of your last year - start now! I started when I was in my foundation year. Think about what you'd like your future career to look like and start planning. Attend careers fairs, see a careers advisor, go to industry talks, complete internships and work placements, build up a portfolio, volunteer, get a part-time job, etc. At my university, you can take career-focused modules, which is something I wish I'd done. Even if you don't know what you want to, make sure you take initiative and be proactive, because a career won't magically come to you.

4. Meet new people and make new friends
This is something I'd wish I'd done more of when I was at university. Okay, I did meet a lot of people through societies - which was great - but I wish I'd made more of an effort to meet other people and establish a solid group of group of like-minded friends, instead of surrounding myself with toxic frenemies and flatmates/housemates. University is a fantastic chance to meet and connect with others who share the same interests.

5. Start a venture
Starting a venture - such as a blog, business or charitable cause - is a great way to pursue your passions and interests, and it shows initiative on your part. I started my blog at university and I am so glad I did because blogging gave me a platform to write and showcase my passions.

And another thing...
If you are in the first or second year of your course, or you are currently on a placement year or study/work abroad programme, then find suitable accommodation in time for September 2018.

Are you a university student? What are your goals this year?

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