The Body Shop: Forever Against Animal Testing

Even though we are now in 2018, animal testing is something that still goes on in the beauty industry. To be honest, I've never understood why makeup is tested on animals - it doesn't make sense to me and it's not ethical.

The Body Shop is well renowned for its attempts to end animal testing, and they have an ongoing campaign titled 'Forever Against Animal Testing.' The aim of the campaign is to call on the United Nations to adopt an international convention that will put a stop to animal testing forever.

Did you know:
- The Body Shop is the first global beauty brand to fight against animal testing
- Animal testing remains a problem around the world. Eighty percent of countries still have laws against testing in cosmetics
- It is estimated that 500,000 animals are used worldwide in cosmetic testing each year
- Animal testing is old-fashioned, expensive and inefficient. Even though reliable alternatives are available, animals continue to suffer.
- Alternatives to animal testing include computer-based analysis, laboratory-produced skin and patch testing on humans. These alternatives are quicker, cheaper and more accurate.
- In fact, studies show that some animal tests predict human reactions only 40 to 60% of the time, whereas alternatives are accurate at least 80% of the time.

Of course, as you may know, The Body Shop's products are all cruelty-free and there are many beauty brands  - such as LimeCrime and NYX Cosmetics - that don't test on animals. However, as well as buying cruelty-free makeup, you can lend your support by signing The Body Shop's petition to end animal testing forever.

Let's ban animal testing worldwide!

You can get involved and sign the petition here.

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  1. Lovely factual post! I hate animal testing hence why I use only products from Lush, never knew the body shop was fighting against this too!

    JG x

    1. Thank you! Yes, The Body Shop has been fighting against animal testing for a long time. :)