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Shea & Coconut Shea and Coconut Curling Custard Leave-In Conditioner

As a black woman with afro hair, having a go-to hair care regimen is very important to me. I have a set of products that I use time and time again, but I always like to try out products that I've never used before.
Shea & Coconut provide products for natural hair. I know all too well about the benefits of shea and coconut. As well as moisturising your body, shea butter nourishes hair from root to tip and soothes the scalp. Coconut oil moisturises the hair and scalp, and it gives it a bit of a sheen. It's also good for hair growth.

Shea & Coconut hair products are free from nasties - petrolatum, mineral oil, sulphates, phthalates, colourants and parabens - so you can be sure to be putting products into your hair that are kind and gentle. Shea & Coconut hair products contain omega 3, which helps to strengthen your hair.

I have a lot of issues with my hair. It's coarse, and it's prone to dryness and breakage. Also, I have a very flaky, sensitive and dry scalp, so I have to use medicated shampoo. Because of these issues, I am very picky about the hair products I use. I am willing to try and test out products but if it has no benefits, then I am happy to discontinue use, and I have to moisturise my hair everyday.

I was kindly sent the Shea & Coconut Leave-In Conditioner* and the Shea & Coconut Curling Custard* to try out.

shea and coconut leave in conditioner

Shea & Coconut Leave-In Conditioner
After washing my hair I always apply leave-in conditioner (on damp hair) to seal in moisture. I also apply this to help prepare my hair for styling. The Shea & Coconut Leave-In Conditioner is so soft on my hair and it makes my hair easy to comb.

Shea & Coconut Curling Custard
I love afro hair, but one thing I absolutely hate is how 'hard' my hair get (if you have afro hair you'll understand what I am talking about). After using this Curling Custard on my hair, it makes my strands feel lot more loosely defined, as well as softening my hair.

Shea & Coconut have other products available:
- Shea & Coconut Moisturising Shampoo: enriches the hair and cleanses the scalp.
- Shea & Coconut Moisture Rich Conditioner: restores dry hair and rehydrates the scalp.
- Shea & Coconut Flat Out Frizz Fighter: soothes and fights frizz.
- Shea & Coconut Smooth Edges: protects, holds down and styles the edges.
- Shea & Coconut Oil: provides shine to the hair and moisturises the scalp.

All in all, I definitely recommend Shea & Coconut.

Do you have afro hair? Which products do you use on your hair? Would you use Shea & Coconuts products?

*This is a sponsored post.

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