Saving Money On Beauty Essentials With B&M

January is a tough month for many people - especially freelancers. I must admit, while the start of this month was a little bit slow, I was able to get back up on my feet and get a lot of work done to keep myself occupied.

It's been a little bit quiet. After Christmas and New Year's, I've not been going out much so I've been keeping my head down and focusing on my priorities. But like most people, I've had to watch and count my pennies carefully, because at times, I haven't had a lot of money to spend. I know that a lot of bloggers, vloggers and freelancers have been fretting about filing tax returns and paying tax bills, but luckily I haven't had to worry about any of that because I filed my tax return several months ago and received the money I was owed - yay! Go me! But even for those who are employed as opposed to being self-employed, it's fair to say that January is a financially-challenging month.

The good thing is that even though this time of year means that things are a bit tight, there are many ways to scrimp and save money. I was still able to put a bit of money aside in savings, and I was able to pay to outsource tasks related to my business, but these financial decisions meant that I had to learn to cope with the little leftover money that I had. Even so, there are so many ways to make your money stretch and go further. This is something that I learned to do at university when I was a 'poor' student: I had no choice but to budget and make my money go further as much as possible.

One way to do this is to shop at discount stores, such as B&M, which is located in different places across the UK and is available online. I was set a challenge to see if I could shop for beauty items and essentials with a budget of £20, so off I went!

Tampax Compak Proenamel Carex Always

I always make purchasing essentials a priority, no matter how low my budget is. As a woman, it's important for me to be prepared so I always make sure I buy tampons and sanitary towels way before my period starts. Even if I'm not on my period I'll always add feminine products to my basket when shopping around for essentials, so I purchased Always Night Time sanitary towels and Tampax Compak. For my teeth, I've been using Sensodyne's Proenamel toothpaste because I suffer from sleep bruxism, and this toothpaste was recommended to me to help reduce the effects. I also wear a mouthgard every night. I picked up the Carex Aloe Vera handwash because it's important for me to use a handwash that contains soothing and moisturising properties and is kind and gentle to my sensitive and dry skin.

Palmers Dove Nivea

Bath and body
Keeping my body fresh and nourished is a big part of my skincare and grooming regimen. I started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter from a very young age so it's become a 'staple' in my skincare routine because it smooths my skin - and it smells good too. Another brand that I've always loved is Dove, because the products are so refreshing and nourishing on my skin and they smell really nice, so I purchased the Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash and Dove's Original deodorantFor when I'm out and about, I use Nivea's Soft hand cream to reduce dryness and to make my hands feel super soft.


I first heard of T-Zone when I attended the Bloggers' Festival. T-Zone sells a variety of skincare items - cleansing wipes, pore strips, facial scrubs, zapping gels, etc. I saw the T-Zone Shine Control Cleansing Wipes (they were on a special offer - buy one get one free, so I picked up two), and I thought I'd try them out. Now, let's get something very clear: I don't rely on cleansing wipes to cleanse my face because I know that that's a no-no. To cleanse my face properly, I've been using Glossier's Milk Jelly.

Sanctuary Spa


We all like to pamper ourselves from time to time, don't we? Well, I know I do, so I picked up Sanctuary Spa's Body Scrubs, which exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling fresh and radiant. I love to exfoliate my body so I use body scrubs from time to time to cleanse my skin and keep it smooth.

In total, I spent £20.83. Not bad, considering I got a lot of wonderful products.

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How have you been making money stretch this month? Have you purchased any beauty items?

*I was gifted vouchers to spend at B&M, but all opinions are my own.


  1. B&M are amazing for bargains! You got a lot of things for just £20

  2. Wow what an amazing haul you managed with just over £20! Great post 😃

    Melanie |