How To Care For Cashmere: Top 5 Tips

I Love Cashmere

As a fashion lover, I like different styles, designs, types and textures of clothing, and as much as I like to look chic and stylish, it's important for me to wear clothing that is comfortable too.
Cashmere clothing is cosy and style, and I like to wear cashmere sweaters, jumpers, tops, hats, gloves and hoodies. I tend to wear cashmere clothing in winter and spring, but there are cashmere clothing items that you can wear all year round and many brands create high-quality cashmere clothing, such as I Love Cashmere.

As much as I love cashmere clothing, I sometimes find it to be a bit of a hassle. Cashmere can be prone to excessive pilling, and that's so annoying. However, here are some tips to help you care for cashmere, and to store and protect it correctly.

I Love Cashmere

1. Wash by hand
In order to protect the quality of cashmere, wash by hand. Washing cashmere in the washing machine can cause it to ruin or shrink.

2. Dry gently
High-quality cashmere is quite delicate so carefully dry it. It's best to place it carefully to air dry. Avoid placing the item in a tumble dryer.

3. Deal with pilling by de-bobbling
Pilling is one of the most annoying things about cashmere clothing, but if this occurs, then you use a de-bobbler comb that will clear it bobbles away in an instant. Many home stores and online retailers sell them so they shouldn't be hard to find.

4. Dust down and deep clean storage areas
To control the quality of cashmere, you need to store it properly. Before putting it away, make sure that you dust down and clean the storage areas to stop the cashmere from being completely ruined by dust and moths. Also, make sure that the storage areas are well-aired.

5. Wrap your cashmere pieces in acid-free tissue paper
Try to wrap your cashmere items in tissue paper, because this will help to preserve the original colour and protect against damp and dusty.

Do you like wearing cashmere clothing?

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