HEMA Beauty Wish List

A couple of months ago, I was kindly invited to the launch of HEMA's flagship store in Tottenham Court Road, London.
HEMA is an international Dutch lifestyle retailer that sells a variety of lifestyle, home, interiors, food and beauty item. Just think of it as the Dutch version of John Lewis and M&S rolled into one. In fact, it's very popular in the Netherlands.

Even though HEMA has a flagship store on Tottenham Court Road, HEMA is also located in Euston Station, Victoria Place Shopping Centre, Kingston Upon Thames, Standstead Airport, Bromley and Birmingham New Street Station. Plus, it's online so you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

As well as the variety, HEMA sells wonderful products at affordable prices for a variety of age groups - there's something for everyone - so whether you are an interior fanatic, a total foodie or a beauty guru, there's something for you.

Speaking of beauty, I was amazed to discover that HEMA sells some pretty cool beauty products. I'd briefly heard of HEMA when I'd often go past one of their stores (in London Victoria station) but I didn't know anything about the retailer. As you know, I love to discover beauty brands so I did spend some of my time at the launch night swatching product, as well as speaking to people, tasting the snack samples and meeting fellow bloggers.

I have a few HEMA beauty products on my wish list, and here they are!

Nail Hardener: nails need all the strength they can get, so this nail polish promises to do just thank and leave a pink finish for a natural look.

Eyebrow Pencil: this 2-in-1 brow and pencil product is great for giving your eyebrows the perfect shape up.

Lip Balm: sometimes, beauty is all about the simple things, isn't it? This is soft and nourishing lip balm in cute packaging, and that's it.

Retractable Powder Brush: this is a pretty cool and compact brush that's easy to fit into your handbag so you can powder up on the go.

Long Lasting Nail Polish in Colour 115: this fuschia nail polish comes with a vibrant, glossy and shimmer finish.

Easy Shine Lip Balm in Colour 8: this is a lip balm that has a subtle hint of colour with a gloss effect.

Have you heard of HEMA? Would you try out beauty products by HEMA?

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