Bali Balm: The Natural And Ethical Luxury Lip Balm For Men And Women

Discovering new and upcoming beauty brands is one of my favourite things as a beauty writer and blogger, especially when they are natural, ethical and kind to the environment. Here's a brand that's set to take on the beauty world by storm: Bali Balm.
Bali Balm is a new unisex luxury lip balm brand that is soothing on the lips. Its lip balms are all natural, cruelty-free and vegan, and the lip tubes are made from recycled materials - and can be recycled if you sent back to the brand once used - so the balms are kind to animals - especially bees - and the environment. Bali Balm products are kind to the lips as they only contain natural ingredients.

Best of all, the Bali Balm has a 'Kiss The Planet' pledge. The founders of Bali Balm believe that beauty products shouldn't cost or damage the earth, so they work hard to make sure that the ingredients are natural, hand-made and ethically sourced.

Bali Balm has lip balms in four flavours: Bergamot & Grapefruit, Cinamon & Burnt Orange, Lemon & Black Pepper and Sandalwood & Ginger.

I was sent the Lemon & Black Pepper balm to test out.

Bali Balm's Lemon & Black Pepper lip balm is very refreshing on the lips - definitely natural - and it's so soothing. The balm has a distinctive citrus and zesty taste, and the black pepper compliments the tangy taste. While each lip balm is by no means cheap (£26 a pop), I would still recommend it to anyone who wants to try a balm that is luxurious and ethical. It's pretty compact too so you can fit it into your makeup bag or handbag.

Check out Bali Balm here.

What's your favourite lip balm?

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