5 Steps To Find The Right Car For Yourself

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I wish I could drive. I've been trying to get into learning how to drive for years but it's just not happened yet. However, I am currently revising for my theory test and I hope to start practical driving lessons soon.
In the meantime, I can't help but think about my dream car (preferably a Mini Cooper) but when it comes to choosing and purchasing a car, there are some things to bear in mind. A lot of my friends can drive but not all of them own cars. Not only is acquiring a car costly, but it's important to do your research and look for the right car for yourself and your needs. Once I become a qualified driver, I don't think I'd buy a car straight away - I'd like to take my time and save up before selecting the right car for myself.

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Here are five steps for finding your dream car - the right car for yourself.

1. Look at your budget and be realistic. How much can you afford to spend? You might see yourself driving a fancy sports car but if you can't afford it then you can't buy. Also, would you purchase the car outright or buy on finance? And have you considered running costs and how much those costs would come to per week/month/year?

2. Decide whether you want a new or a used car. Your budget will play a huge part in this decision but also bear in mind that each option comes with its own pros and cons. Buying new means that you'll benefit for the manufacturer's warranty, but buying old means tends to be a lot cheaper. Reseach slowest depreciating cars if you decide to buy an old one.

3. What type of fuel would you want your car to run on? Hybrid and electric models are becoming a lot more common and can be much more eco-friendly.

4. Think about the purpose of having a car and decide on the essential models and aspects. For example, I work from home, I live in London, I often use public transport, I prefer to take long distance journeys by train and I don't have children so I wouldn't bother purchasing a huge jeep if I had to buy a car tomorrow.

5. Test drive the car. Take it for a spin to get a 'feel' of it. After all, the car has to be the right fit for you before you buy or lease it, and one of the best ways to know this is to - as they say - 'try before you buy'.

Can you drive? Do you have a car? What's your dream car?

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