Middle Temple Hall, London

I recently went to Middle Temple Hall near Temple station. It's a place full of heritage and heritage. It's also a place that is suitable for venue hire for special occassions.

Along with fellow bloggers, we went on a guided tour around the hall and nearby rooms. I felt as though I was having a history lesson and it reminded me of the days when I'd go on history trips. I really enjoyed it because I love history - it was one of my best subjects at school and I nearly studied history at university. I like to visit museums and galleries, and living in London allows me to do this often.

After the grand tour, we went for lunch in the great hall, which was fabulous. The food was absolutely delicious. It's an exclusive location that is aimed at the barristers who work at the courts nearby, but you can attend as long as you book in advance.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day. It's nice to take time off to focus on something a little bit different to my niche. If you are seeking a venue for a fabulous occassion, if you'd like a tour or you'd like to have lunch, then Middle Temple is a place to visit.

Where have you been lately?


  1. I loved this post! The pretty photos made my day and it's always nice to virtually tag along a fellow blogger while they explore places, especially such historically rich ones.

    P.S. I love how the sunlight is crawling in through the windows in the second last picture.