Design Your Home And Stay Cosy With Bensons For Beds & Harveys

Recently I attended the Bensons For Beds and Harveys press showroom in central London.

I'm looking to move out next year and there is a major chance that I'll live in a small space, but the best thing about Bensons For Beds is that they have a Bespoke Collection so you can design a bed that is specifically tailored to you. For myself, a comfortable and cosy bed that's big enough is what gives me a good night's sleep. With Harvey's you can edit your home your way with the Ashley Manor EDIT collection, which consists of furniture that is hand-crafted and designed to accommodate your space.

Bensons For Beds also has the Bergamo bed, which has a revolutionary charging headboard, so that you can charge your phone easily.

I also received some sleeping tips from an expert, in order to achieve the perfect night's sleep:
- Get at least eight hours of sleep every night
- Turn off your gadgets two hours before you go to bed
- Use a blue light filter app or glasses
- Do something relaxing before you go to bed, such as reading a book or taking a warm bath.

So if you're looking for a bespoke furniture that fits in with your requirements, check out Bensons For Beds and Harveys, and have a cosy Christmas!


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