Celebrating My Wins: 2017

Oh, my goodness, what a year it has been!
I've had so many highs and far too many lows, but I don't really have any regrets. I had a lot of moments where I thought "enough is enough" and my tolerance for nonsense gradually reduced.

I also had a lot of bold moments where I stood up for myself and took matters into my own hands. I just couldn't stand to be let down anymore. After a horrible 2016 and a poor start to 2017, I realised that life is too short and that I wasn't willing to put up with being messed around, hurt, put down and having my boundaries disrespected. I think it's fair to say that I had a lot of moments where I 'snapped.'

I am also proud of myself for putting myself and my priorities first. I am now at a stage where I refuse to be the sacrificial lamb, so to speak: I matter just like everyone else, and my wants and needs are just as important. This has caused me to clash with certain people in my life but I don't care: after everything I've been through I have every right to look after number one and take of myself. Plus, I refuse to make time for people who wouldn't do the same for me, and I refuse to prioritise those who expect me to sacrifice my wants and needs to focus on other people's wants and needs, to my own detriment.

I have so many big plans for 2018. I've decided that I will focus on my goals on a month-by-month basis, and my goals will be clearly defined - I have a list of professional goals and personal goals.

I have some goals in mind:
- Keep revising for my theory test, pass my theory test and start driving lessons.
- Take one, two or three (or more) online courses related to my business/career.
- Grow my business through the 'art' and 'science' of cold pitching, take on more freelance work and gain more retainer clients.
- Collaborate with more beauty brands to create content for my blog.
- Take my blog in a different direction: I want to focus a lot more on beauty, but lifestyle and fashion will still have a place on this blog.
- Move out of my parents' house.
- Learn to type properly.
- Read more literature in my spare time.
- Turn my blog into a second income stream.

In the meantime, I'd like to celebrate my wins of 2017!

I moved back to London
After a horrible time in Leeds, I decided to return to my home city. I'm so glad I did because the move has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, and it's nice to move back to a familiar place that's special to me. I was born and raised a Londoner, and that will always be a massive part of my identity (even though it's absolutely expensive to live here!)

I went freelance
Now, this is a huge deal. I went freelance! I actually went freelance in my gap year before I went to university and then I tried to get back into freelancing during my degree but I totally failed at this. After numerous jobs, I decided to go freelance on a full-time basis in February and I have no regrets! I had always wanted to go freelance but I always ignored the desire to do this. I think deep down inside I felt fearful about taking the risk, but as time went on I just realised that life is too short and I couldn't ignore my ambition anymore. Taking the plunge into the world of self-employment hasn't been without its challenges, but I have complete faith in myself and I am so glad I went ahead and followed my instincts. I always knew that this was the right route for me and there were a lot of push and pull factors that led me to this journey, but I'm okay with that. I have worked with some of the best clients and I can't wait to work with some more. Freelancing has allowed me to pursue my professional and personal goals, and it's allowed me to have freedom over my work and flexibility over my lifestyle.

And another thing: I launched my business website. After spending so much time on it, I finally launched it in November!

I collaborated with brands
I have been so blessed to have collaborated with some wonderful brands to write sponsored content and review posts for publication on my blog. I am extremely thankful for this and I hope to work with some amazing brands next year. I am so grateful because I am not a big blogger and I remember starting this blog at university as a hobby and as a place to showcase my portfolio. It's nice to see how far I've come.

I attended events (and met so many wonderful people)
As a blogger and freelance copywriter, it's lovely to be able to attend a variety of events, including Pure London, Stylist Live, BlogConLDN, Bloggers Festival, and so many more. I am so glad to have met so many wonderful people and brands through events, and I can't wait to attend some more in 2018.

Have a Happy New Year!


  1. I just passed my driving theory and practical last year and it felt so good to get that goal ticked off. Looks like you had a fantastic year and I know 2018 will be even better. Stay blessed.


    1. Thank you! And I'm really keen to get 'passing my driving test' ticked off my goals list. :)

  2. I can definitely understand what's it's like being the sacrificial lamb haha, I have always been the one putting my neck out for my friends and family, when people don't make the effort back, you realize you're just giving too much of yourself, making yourself more unhappy.

    Happy new year!

    Clare x

    1. Exactly. I was constantly doing this for others - 'friends', family and (ex) work colleagues - and I realised that so many people were taking from me and giving me nothing back in return, and that was making me miserable.

      Healthy relationships expect a level of equality - it should be about give and take. I just reached a point last year where everyone was benefitting from me except for me, and that wasn't right. My priorities are important and I matter, so if I don't put myself first, who will?