Beauty Haul: BeautyUK

It is not often that I go on a beauty haul. Whenever I purchase beauty products I'll normally buy one or two, or I'll buy a set.
Recently, I decided to 'treat myself' by placing an order with BeautyUK. I first discovered BeautyUK via Superdrug ages ago when I bought a lipstick and a lipgloss from the brand. BeautyUK is a brand sells a number of cosmetics at affordable prices and it has some lovely products so if you're looking for a beauty company to try out then this is the one. My only criticism is that BeautyUK doesn't offer a variety of concealer, BB cream and foundation shades, which is disappointing for me.

Here are the items I bought from BeautyUK.

Prime FX Foundation Primer: this works as a smooth base for foundation, concealer and blusher. Use a small amount and apply all over the face for flawless coverage.

Sweet Cheeks in shade Raspberry Ripple: this is a (dark pink) blusher in a stick form and it gives the cheeks a subtle touch of colour. Sweet Cheeks contains shea butter, vitamin C and jojoba oil and it glides over the cheeks upon application, so it provides moisture to the face.

Long Lasting Twist Eyeliner (black): I love using black eyeliner and I always go for twist eyeliners because they are so much easier to apply and much more convenient. This one is great for giving the eyes a bit of definition.

Lash To The Max Volumising Mascara (black): black mascara is my go-to makeup essential. This mascara has a full and fanned-out brush to give lashes length and volume.

Glacier Gloss Intense Colour & High Gloss Shine in shade Plum And Have A Go (no.10): I discovered this gloss ages ago and it's one of the best lip glosses I've used. These days I tend to use matte liquid lipsticks but back in the day, lipgloss was my go-to lip product. Glacier Gloss in shade Plum And Have A Go is a smooth purple gloss that is slightly pigmented and long-lasting.

Pucker Up Twist Lip Liners in shades Purple Pleaser and Code Red: don't be fooled by Purple Pleaser - it's actually a dark pink colour - but I love it. Code Red is my favourite though and I apply it before applying a dark red matte liquid lipstick.

Gloss Lipstick in shade Plumalicious: this is my favourite purple-pink lipstick, which leaves a rich feel on the lips.

Posh Pout lip crayons in Sugar Plum Fairy and Power To The Purple: I use this as a base before applying a lipstick to give lips their pout power. I don't think these shades are very pigmented though, but they are really pretty on the lips.

Lips Matter Velvet Matte Lip Cream matte liquid lipsticks in shades Shake Your Plum and Bond, Mrs Bond: now these are some of my favourite matte liquid lipsticks! Shake Your Plum is a dark pink shade and Bond, Mrs Bond is a dark red shade. I think these shades are suitable for me because I really don't like bright pink and red shades. These are great if you want to achieve a bold and mattifying dark pink/purple or dark red lip.

Have you purchased many beauty items recently?


  1. Love this post! I always find myself buying makeup even when I don't need to!
    Robyn //

  2. Hello Chichi. Nice name and a really nice blog. It seems like my go to place now for beauty stuff. Going to sharing this with my sister too. Do keep us posted with awesome stuff. XX