The Lady Is An Empress!*

I strongly believe that every single woman in this world is a goddess in some way. I've always believed in being strong, independent, self-assured and in total control of your own destiny as a woman, and I think that those values manifest themselves in a number of ways.

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll notice that I hardly review lingerie on here. I love lingerie - Victoria's Secret, M&S and Boux Avenue - but you'll never see me wearing pieces publicly! I even avoid styling posts, because they're just not my thing, but I love reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos on fashion styling, OOTDs, GRWM, etc.

When Empress Mimi got in touch with me for a review, I knew I couldn't turn it down, because like I said, I am a big believer in women who are self-assured and confident in their own skin, and that's what Empress Mimi is all about - empowerment and being happy with your body, no matter who you are.

Empress Mimi is a lingerie subscription service, and I think that's pretty cool. There are so many subscription box services out there for beauty and skincare products, so a service that's purely dedicated to lingerie is a little bit different.

Prices start at £25 a month and by opting into the service, you are guaranteed to receive cute and pretty lingerie specially delivered to your door. Best of all, you can pick and choose what you want to receive depending on your size, measurements and preferences.

I received this lovely piece black lace lingerie piece from Empress Mimi. I tried it on and I love it! I love lace! It fits perfectly and it's so comfortable - after all, what's the point in trying on wearing lingerie if it doesn't fit or suit your body? I really like the packaging too - each box comes with a thank you message and a small pouch to out your lingerie into.

All in all, I'd recommend Empress Mimi. I love the concept and it's perfect for the sexy, sultry and sophisticated woman!

*Thank you to Empress Mimi for sending me a box for review!

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