#MaplinXmas17 Christmas Preview Event

I must say, I am beginning to enjoy this time of year. Initially, I wasn't in the mood to get into the festive spirit, but now I am gradually gearing up for the festive season. I've been lucky to attend some wonderful events recently, including the #MaplinXmas17 Christmas Preview event.

When I arrived at the Christmas Preview, I was impressed straight away. I met some wonderful fellow bloggers there. I really like the setup: there were some lovely gifts on display. Honestly, if you're looking to buy some lovely products this season, then definitely check out Maplin.

I normally shop there for tech accessories - such as earphones, USBs and mice - but company sells some fun items too, such as a light-up compact mirror (which is on my beauty lust list), a chocolate fountain (more on that later), a slush  puppy machine (which is pretty cool and something I want), a popcorn maker (on my lust list as well) and a mini-drone. One of the members of the team at VCCP tested out the drone, which had hilarious results! We all got involved in testing out the products, and we were able to treat ourselves to delicious treats, including marshmallows wrapped in dark chocolate from the chocolate fountain. Nice and tasty!

I think it's great that Maplin has a variety of gifts to suit different people, so there's something for everyone. I noticed a lot of toys on display but I was more interested in kitchen gadgets and retro-gaming items. Also, the products are affordable and great value for money, so shopping for items this Christmas will not burn a hole in your purse or deplete your bank account.

The best thing about the event was that I was gifted a chocolate fountain to take home with me! It's almost as if Christmas has come early! I literally can't wait to use it. I was also given a pack of batteries too so I can get started on setting it up and switching it on ASAP.

What a wonderful and fun event. I am keen to have a look at more gifts, as I'm sure Maplin have a lot of fantastic items available this Christmas.

Do you shop at Maplin? What will/would you purchase from Maplin this Christmas?

*Thank you to the wonderful people at VCCP Media for inviting me to this event! And thank you for the chocolate fountain!

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