5 Ways To Look And Stay Fashionable In The Workplace

Looking stylish day in and day out when you go to work is not as hard as it seems, even if your workplace is a corporate environment. Even if the workplace is casual, it's good to look great at all times, because your professional attire brings about a certain impression of yourself and how you approach the job.
I must admit, I don't have a professional work uniform for the office because I work from home! However, I've worked in a variety of roles and environments since I was 18, from informal, to smart-casual, to formal. I have always believed that no matter what, it's important to look sophisticated.

Here are five ways to stay fashionable in the workplace!

1. Colour, colour, colour!
People think that working in the corporate world means that you have to look dull and boring, but that's a myth. You could always stand out! I love wearing bold colours so add to touch of shade to your work outfit, such as pinks, oranges, reds, blues or purples. Colour-coordinate or add two/three different pop-out colours.

2. Play with grey.
There are so many different shades of grey to wear (no pun intended), so experiment. You could even try out variations of similar shades, such as bluish-grey or dusty/greyish pink.

3. Diversify your look.
Change up your work outfit every single day of the week. Plan what you're going to wear the evening before. One day you could wear a patterned suit, the next day you could wear a skirt and blouse, and the day after that wear a pencil dress - such as these Simon Jersey work dresses! Also, update your work wardrobe from time to time - i.e. every season - to keep it fresh and current.

4. Keep your makeup look a little bit simple.
A touch up is great for your look, but don't overdo it. Opt for the 'less is more' or the 'no makeup' makeup looks.

5. Don't forget to accessorise!
Accessories are great for adding that extra definition to your outfit. Wear a little bit of jewellery, pick out your favourite bag, wear a snazzy pair of shoes and add a hair band or a hairclip to your tresses.

Working from home?
Okay, so I must admit, I work from home so the 'typical work attire' lifestyle doesn't really apply to me. Most of the time, I work in my PJs or stay-at-home clothes. I like to feel comfortable but I do have a morning and evening routine and I still get up and get ready to get to work. From time to time, if I know I'm going out somewhere - especially if I am socialising or networking - then I normally wear a casual/smart-casual outfit. If you work from home I'd recommend dressing up a little bit and getting ready for the day as it would put you in a productive mood.

What do you normally wear to work?

*This is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own.


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  3. I really need to improve my work wardrobe - I only have six outfits appropriate for the office, and I'm getting sick of wearing the same thing all the time! I'm definitely going to try and pick something with a pop of colour when I go shopping now!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk