London Fashion Week is coming, so it's time to get it together!

I've put together a guide for those who are attending LFW (or attending fashion shows in general), so take notes!

Get organised!
Seriously, make sure you are on time for shows otherwise you won't be allowed in or you might not be able to sit at your seat. Check the schedule for London Fashion Week. Plan your day and your journey, make sure you've topped up your Oyster card (or purchased travel tickets) and make sure you account for potential issues (e.g. travel disruption and traffic) that could affect your journey. Also, if you are lucky enough to receive an invite to any catwalk shows or press previews, then please RSVP. Don't ignore invites and don't be flaky. If possible, get a blogger press pass.

Dress stylishly - but comfortably.
Avoid wearing heels because there might be a chance that you might be walking around or standing for long periods of time. Dress fashionably of course, but you don't have to be over the top.

Network, network, network.
London Fashion Week is a trade show event but it is a fantastic way to network and meet people who could offer you potential opportunities, so get talking and strike up some conversations.

Take your business cards.
Like I said, LFW is a great opportunity to network so don't forget to take your business cards - it makes you look much more professional. If you don't have any, order some. I order my business cards from Moo and you can create your own designs.

Take an umbrella.
British weather is unpredictable weather, so take an umbrella just in case it rains.

Make sure your gadgets are fully charged.
The worst thing is when you are out and about and your battery is low. That is so annoying, so make sure you take a portable power bank. Also, make sure you've got plenty of memory on your phone and plenty of memory cards for your camera.

Stay at home.
If you can't attend London Fashion Week for whatever reason, then you can watch catwalk shows and press previews on British Fashion Council's YouTube channel.

View the upcoming trends and style and get inspired! Go backstage, meet the models and makeup artists, make friends and potential contact, enjoy the shows and have fun!

Are you going to London Fashion Week?


*This post was inspired by Life With A Lipgloss Smile.

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