Tea Tree Body Wash Crafted By Nature*

I discovered tea tree oil when I was a kid. The smell was a bit 'strange' to me at first, but then I came to love it. From time to time, I like to use hair and skincare products containing the ingredient.
There are many benefits tea tree oil has on the skin - such as reducing inflammation - and it has healing properties too. Australian Bodycare uses tea tree oil in most of its products, including the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash* - a product that I was sent to try out. 

It's an antiseptic body wash that's gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and clean. After testing this out, I felt really refreshed, and the body wash cleanses my skin really well. A lot of tea tree oil products can dry out the skin if used excessively but the Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash contains a non-drying formula. When I used the body wash my skin felt smooth, fresh, revitalised and well-nourished.

Sorry if this seems like such a short post, but in all honesty, I'd definitely recommend the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash if you want to body wash that works well for your skin. It's the perfect bath/shower time treat!

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What's your favourite body wash? Do you like tea tree oil?

*Thank you to KLM Beauty for sending me this lovely item.

*All opinions are my own.