Micro Cell 2000 Professional Nail Care*

As you know, I am totally obsessed with nail products, so when KLM Beauty sent me some products from the Micro Cell 2000 Professional Hand And Nailcare range, I was super excited!

In no particular order, these are the products I received:

This polish helps to strengthen and harden your fingernails. In order to achieve results, it's best to apply one coat on each nail on a daily basis for two or three weeks. I used this as a base coat before applying my chosen nail shade. Honestly, this polish keeps your nails in a tough and protective condition.

I love a berry nail shade and this one is no exception. This nail polish leaves a smooth, sheen, glossy and gel high-shine finish. Best of all, the polish helps to strengthen soft nails and speeds up nail growth, so it's an all-round multi-purpose nail varnish with a dash of colour.

This Nail Wonder is a wonder to my nails! It's the perfect top coat that helps to make my favourite nail shade last long and to stop nail polish from flaking and chipping away. It's great for finishing off the polished look of your nails and to maintain your flawless manicure.

Finding the right nail polish remover that is acetone-free and essential for nail care combined is hard, but this one is it. This Nail Repair Remover has no acetone and also helps to harden soft and brittle nails.

I decided to apply the Nail Repair as the base coat, the Raspberry Shade nail varnish and the Nail Wander as the top coat.

This is the final result and I love it. My nails look so glossy and shiny, and it has a gel effect. My nails are really strong so the products really do help to give them immense strength. I can honestly say that the Micro Cell Professional Hand and Nailcare range is great if you want to treat yourself to the ideal manicure at home!

What's your favourite nailcare range?

*Thank you to KLM Beauty for sending me these items. I really appreciate it!

*I was sent these products for review but all opinions are my own.

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