Brows On Point With Billion Dollar Brows*

Keeping my brows in shape and on point is important for my facial appearance.
I don't pluck or thread my eyebrows, but I keep them looking perfect by using an eyebrow brush to 'tidy' them up and keep them looking well defined.

If you want to shape your eyebrows in the most perfect and precise way, then I'd recommend the Billion Dollar Brows Micro Pencil* which is a 2-in-1 pencil + brush product. The brush and pencil are both thin and super-slim to create and accentuate the perfect brows.

To achieve dramatic results, just apply a few simple strokes to each eyebrow, blend, then brush. The brush is of really high quality and the pencil is easily extendable without the need for a sharpener so you can fill each eyebrow and create a defined a polished look. Also, the Billion Dollar Brows Pencil is small and compact so it can pretty much fit into any makeup bag, and it's waterproof and smudge-proof, so your brows will still look pretty for hours and hours on end without coming out of place.

All in all, I'd highly recommend the Billion Dollar Brows Pencil if you're a total babe who wants to keep your brows on point!

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How do you style your eyebrows?

*Thank you to KLM Beauty for sending me this product to try out.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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