Autumn Is Coming!

We are once more looking at a change of seasons, and the time is coming to refresh your look for autumn and winter. Whether you’re looking at picking up an entirely new wardrobe or just a few signature pieces to stay on trend with the world of fashion, autumn is offering some promising styles for you.

2017 is an exciting time for you and fashion: the old style for seasons that appear for a few months and are then deemed ‘out’, to be consigned to the back of the wardrobe or passed on and never worn again, seems to be over. Certain looks have become evergreen: modern spins on classic knitwear styles are back on trend for the third or fourth year in a row and patterns like Breton stripes have never gone away. This ‘if it ain’t broke’ philosophy means that your new purchases can be blended easily with your existing wardrobe and making an investment in a statement this season will repay you in years to come.

A Breton Stripe sweater, for example, is a good bet that you’ll be wearing throughout this autumn and winter. If you get a high-quality one and care for it well, it’ll be keeping you warm and making you look cool for a few autumn and winters to come as well. This example from Chinti and Parker is a wool and cashmere blend that will feel soft against the skin but still stand up to the stresses of each season. A Chinti and Parker sweater comes with a playful flower motif that gives it an extra shot of design mojo and helps you stand out from the crowd even as you’re faultlessly on trend.

Steering away from the classics, the autumn looks premiered by big fashion houses are all about fun, with bold, all-over colours, and decadent embellishments: think feathers and fur. The new styles are all about lifting your spirits and showing off a bit, which is perfect as we head into a hectic winter season of heavy socialising and celebrations.

Consider a Shrimps coat to do the heavy lifting for an outfit. They’re getting into a confident stride of eye catching colouring and textures that cry out to be touched and look as comfortable as they feel. Despite the authentic look of the fabrics, Shrimps uses faux-fur and sheepskin so you can wear them guilt-free and enjoy turning heads as you sweep past.

Make sure you keep yourself dolled up to the nines this autumn!

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What are your favourite fashion items for autumn?

*This is a guest post by Becky.

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