All For One & One For All: #AllGirls

We live in a world where society and culture tries to constrain women, so I'm a big believer in women uplifting each other and empowering one another. I think, as a woman, it's so important for me to have a 'sisterhood' or at least have a group of women around me who help me feel empowered to be the best person I can be and live my life to the fullest.

I have a great group of friends who really inspire me. They respect me for who I am, and they value and appreciate me. They always encourage and uplift me to do the very best and they make me feel happy. They embrace me and they are all positive influences on my life. I feel very blessed to have them in my life. I think my friends and I are prime examples of women who don't give a damn about what society thinks, and we don't want to 'fit into a box.' We don't bother to subscribe to gender stereotypes anyway - and rightly so! has launched a new and super exciting campaign - #AllGirls - that is aimed at - you guessed it - all girls! #AllGirls acknowledges and embraces the fact that each girl is unique and individual - and that's absolutely fantastic! Girls come in all shapes and sizes. Some light up a room and some hide in the shadows. Some are bold and others are quietly confident (like me!) Some want to look good and some want to feel good (like me!)

Boohoo loves individuality - individuality is cool! Boohoo wants all women to embrace who they are. Boohoo is inclusive of all shapes and sizes, styles and trends. Boohoo makes fashion accessible and fun for all girls. If I am totally honest, I was never the type of person to fit in the crowd and I never will be. I love being me, myself and I and I don't see the point of fitting in when I know I was born to stand out. People may judge but I'd rather be myself instead of trying to be something I'm not - and failing to achieve that. Being an individual requires boldness, strength and courage, but it's the best way to be and it comes with a certain kind of freedom. Once you are happy and secure within yourself, everything else falls into place. :)

It's so refreshing to see a campaign by a major fashion brand that's all about celebrating every single girl. I believe that no matter what, you should celebrate who you are and don't let society, culture or the naysayers drag you down. You are who you are and you're the best! In the words of Justin Bieber, you should go and love yourself!

All for one and one for all! Boohoo is for all girls!

*This post was written in collaboration with Boohoo. This post contains affiliate links.

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