#AdzvicePush: The Event For Young Black Professionals

Towards the end of July, I attended the #AdzvicePush event in South-West London. It was organised by Ade Akins, founder of Adzvice.com, and there were many guest speakers present and on-hand to offer advice on success.
Tope, SincerelyTops

Guest speakers
Azyryah Harvey, Writer and Public Speaker
Jamelia Donaldson, Treasure Tress Founder
Ade Akins, Adzvice Founder
Bola Awoniyi, Black Ballad Co-Founder
Bola Sol, Refined Currency Founder

1-2-1 Sessions and Drop-Ins
Yemi Awopetu, Adzvice Contributor and founder of One Pound Something
SAIE ORG, Mental Health Awareness
Lola Michaels, Brand Consultant and founder of Lolly Comms
Realist Ant, Fitness Personality
Nina Danjuma, Copywriter - CV Clinic
Jolade - Creative, Photography, Film-making and Freelancing

The aim of the event was to share knowledge and advice with fellow young Black people who are aiming to become successful in their professional lives, whether that's through employment, entrepreneurship, personal finance or in the digital media world. As a young Black woman who works as a freelance copywriter and runs my own blog, it's important for me to attend events like this one and to be amongst people who strive for success just like I do. Having a space like this is essential because as a Black woman I do feel underrepresented in the blogging and digital media worlds.

My aim was to soak up as much knowledge as possible and the way to do that was to attend as many talks as I could - and that's what I did. I even took down some notes - all of which are words of wisdom that I can apply to my professional life and my personal life.

I've written out the hints and tips in this post so that you will all be able to take on board the advice just like I have.

Self development and money matters by Bola Sol, of Refined Currency
- Learn to overcome the fear of failure. You can learn and grow from it.
- Take a step back.
- The world owes you nothing.
- Don't push yourself so hard.
- Humble yourself. Remember to stay down-to-earth, even when you are experiencing the height of success.
- You need to have a strong work ethic in order to succeed.
- Work hard - push yourself! Be willing to work very hard for what you want, but don't forget to look after yourself. Your health matters.
- Never ever let your potential go to waste.
- Pick up your passion.
- Who you surround yourself with is so important. Surround yourself with positive vibes only.
- You need people who are there for you through thick and thin. Don't bother with the 'friends' who come back to you when you're doing well when they weren't there for you before.
- Not everyone will be your friend forever, but true friends last a lifetime.
- Successful people don't surround themselves with negativity.
- Learn to say no - and don't feel bad. Assert yourself, and learn to set boundaries.
- Make sure you're in tune with yourself. Stay in tune with your energy and you'll have great discernment.
- Good credit is better than no credit. It is important to build up credit because lenders want to see that you are capable of paying money back. Plus, credit cards offer purchase protection, something debit cards or paying in cash don't offer.
- Shop around for a credit card that suits your needs. Seek out the benefits for yourself (i.e. building up air miles = free trips). Use comparison websites.
- If you get a card then use within reason and always pay back what you owe - in full! Set a credit limit that you are comfortable with.
- Society has built workers, not entrepreneurs - this is very true and something I've noticed since adulthood.
- Diversify your income streams: don't put all your eggs in one basket.
- Believe in your potential and know your worth.
- Invest in property, bonds, etc.

- Don't be afraid to ask questions about money.

- Start saving ASAP.

- Put money away into a pension pot.

- Break away from the negative stereotypes of race.

- Remember: more money gives you more options.

- Enjoy the journey and your path to success but enjoy the direction, not the speed.

- Enjoy the successes and the failures.

- Don't forget to feel positive. Be grateful for what you have and feel blessed.

The fundamentals for brand building by Ade Akins, Adzvice Founder
- A brand is an extension of yourself and a visual representation of what you stand for. You are the brand you consume.
- Branding is everything.
- A brand is a unique signature - it's your identity.
- Brand value is the monetary value of a brand.
- Valuable brands equals valuable businesses.
- Brand equity is the strength of a brand derived from its linked assets and liabilities when compared to a competitor or generic equivalent. It is analysed by awareness, consumer loyalty to the brand and price premium.
- The components of brand equity include reputation, experience, associations and customer perception.
- In order to build a brand, you need to: know yourself, speak to external stakeholders and strangers, know your audience, know your industry and know your competitors.
- In order to put your brand into practise, you need to: use your mission and vision to guide your marketing plan, use your data, set goals, conduct a SWOT analysis, grind and be consistent. However, remember to take time - building a brand will not happen overnight!

From employee to entrepreneur by Jamelia Donaldson, Founder of TreasureTress
- Once you have an idea or a passion, come up with a plan, put it into action and HUSTLE!
- Remember: "People will try to discourage you with news of how difficult it is to achieve things they've never attempted." Those who try to discourage you or tear down your ambitions only do so because they are bound by fear, more willing to stay in their comfort zones, and are afraid to take risks.
- Use what you have and utilise your resources. Use your network wisely and get referrals. Your network is your net worth.
- Think about additional opportunities for your business and try to extend it. For example, Treasure Tress started out as a subscription box service, but now it offers event and gift packages too.
- Utilise the power of social media and the internet. Social media is a powerful marketing and networking tool, and the internet is full of (free) resources.
- Think outside the box. Broaden your horizons when it comes to yourself, your brand and your business. Don't be bound by limitations.
- Diversify your revenue streams and be super creative with your business.
- Detect a problem and provide a solution. This will be the aspect of why and how you run your business.
- Side hustle: just start with what you have.
- You don't know it all (no-one does) so research, learn and build your knowledge.
- Before making the leap into running your business (or freelancing) full-time, save an emergency fund first. Make sacrifices if you need to (i.e. cancelling your TV subscription, getting rid of gym membership if you've not used it, moving in with relatives to save on rent, bills and household costs, negotiating a reduction on your phone bill, etc).
- Shift your mindset: practise non-attachment.
- Take risks. You'll never know unless you try.
- Quit and commit. Eventually you will need a leap of faith and you'll have to take the plunge.
- You need to have the drive, the self-motivation, the dedication and self-discipline to succeed.
- Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself.

So you want to be an influencer? by Azryah Harvey, writer and public speaker, Back Chat LDN
- An influencer is someone who has an established social media following.
- Being an influencer is a 24/7 job and it comes with a big responsibility, so always be mindful of how you come across.
Cons of being an influencer:
- People will try to try to take advantage of your popularity - surround yourself with genuine people.
- You're always in the firing line.
- People think they know you and they like to make assumptions about you.

Pros of being an influencer:
- You get to do what you love!
- You feel fulfilled and you have a purpose.
- You get to connect with people
- It's hard work but it's a lot of fun.
Hints and tips for influencers:
- Be organised and learn to manage your time effectively!
- Everything is on you: the manager, the CEO, you have to run yourself like you're a business. You are your brand after all.
- Make money! Set your fees.
- Know your limits - something's got to give.
- Know your purpose and know your worth - they are not the same thing. Your time is valuable.
- Give yourself a space to grow
- Be mindful of how you use social media channels.
- You'll make mistakes and learn along the way.
- Social media can be draining sometimes. Take time out and relax.

All in all, the event was absolutely fantastic and I was able to walk away with a wealth of knowledge to help me better myself in my professional life.

What are your professional tips?

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