Summer + Autumn Goals 2017

I always like to have a set of goals to work on. Working hard at my goals keeps me focused on my priorities and keeps me going.
It's one thing to want or wish for something but if you don't have a plan in place, then you are less likely to achieve them, so listing my goals sets me up on the right path.

I've compiled a list of goals that I would like to achieve this summer and this autumn. These are the goals that I am determined to accomplish by October or November. These goals are small but significant and smart, and they are pretty easy to achieve - and I hope to achieve them!

Here are my goals that I'd like to achieve over the next four months, and how I plan to achieve these goals.

I want to book my theory test - and pass it!
I really really really want to learn how to drive. In past I was never able to learn because I couldn't afford it and I was away at university. Also, it was never something that I 'needed' to do - I'm from London so I can get away with not learning to drive. However, it's a skill that I'd want to acquire, so I'd like to start off by passing my theory test.
Plan: I will book my theory test on the .gov/DVLA website to be taken at my local assessment centre in November/beginning of December. Then in the meantime I will spend two-hour sessions twice a week revising and practising theory and hazard perception.

I need to keep on reading more books.
Trying to read more books is something that I have struggled a little bit with because of time pressures, demands and the distractions of digital media. Plus, I tend to read blogs more than books. Having said all of that, I'm on track and I'm gradually getting into the habit of reading books. I'm currently reading I'll Never Write My Memoirs by Grace Jones, who is an absolute legend! Also, I would like to write more blog posts on books (e.g. book haul, recommended reading, favourite genres, etc.) All in good time!
Plan: Make time and get on with reading! There really is no excuse, but I'm not going to force myself to read if I really don't feel like it. But I love reading, I loved reading books and novels as a child and I'm determined to get back into this wonderful hobby.

Take up meditation.
A couple of friends of mine suggested that perhaps I should take up meditation to help channel my mind. It's a practice I've never bothered with, but now I'm coming round to the idea. It might help me to find peace and calm within myself, and to channel out my feelings of depression, negativity and anxiety.
Plan: I've downloaded meditation apps on my phone and tablet, so I just need to start using them and trying out this practice. I would like to try to meditate at least once a day (i.e. every evening.)

I want to research swimming classes.
I can't swim. I had swimming lessons in primary school but they didn't materialise. I'd really need this skills so I would like to see if there are swimming instructors available who will do one-to-one classes with me.
Plan: Google and contact local gyms and swimming instructors to enquire about one-to-one classes, times and costs. I know that these type of lessons tend to be really popular and there is a chance that I won't be able to get started straight away, so I must try to get myself wait-listed if possible.

Skip every morning
I can't afford a gym membership but that's no excuse for not keeping active. I wanted to keep myself fit and active but do something fun so I decided to start skipping to keep myself going and to get myself away from sitting at my desk all day. I skip from time to time but I need to be a lot more consistent, so I'd like to get into the habit of skipping every single morning (or most mornings at least).
Plan: I have a couple of skipping ropes, some gym gear, a pair of trainers and a garden. All I need to do is get my arse into gear, gain some self-discipline and start skipping!

I want to study an online/distance learning course.
I work as a copywriter. I write different types of copy and content and I'm doing quite well, but I want to get some kind of accreditation. I'm currently searching for online courses in digital marketing, advertising, social media and public relations but if I can study a copywriting, content writing or content marketing course, then that would be even better.
Plan: Wowcher advertises discounts on online courses from top academies on a regular basis, so I need to keep on looking and researching until I can find the course that's right for me.

Set up a website for my services.
Even though I have a 'Hire Me' section on my website, this is not enough. I need to have a separate website advertising my creative copywriting and content writing services so that I can start attracting potential clients and stand out. The majority of freelance copywriters have their own website, so I'm no exception.
Plan: To get on with it! I've got a name in mind so I just need to go on Wordpress (or other suitable sites) and set up my website to get the ball rolling. Once I've set it up I need to work on it to get it looking pretty and well-structured, as well as adding all the essential details (what I am, what I do, services, contact details, testimonials, case studies, etc.) I also want to set up a blog section and Twitter for my website so I'll do that too.

Complete my tax return!
Ah...the joys of being self-employed: the wonderful and beloved tax return.

Unfortunately this is my stressful reality and I have to deal with it. Going self-employed means taking the good with the not-so-good. So yes, I must complete my tax return for the previous tax year. I'm organised and I don't see the point of waiting until December/January/deadline day/whenever to get it done, so I plan on doing it ASAP. When it's done I'll be over the moon!
Plan: I've got my documents/evidence sorted. I will be filing my tax return online and I've decided that I will set aside a day where it will be my only priority so that I can focus on it and get it completed.

Keep calm and carry on!
I love the fact that my career as a freelance creative copywriter and my blog are both going from strength to strength, and I'm gaining so many opportunities along the way. I love it when I gain another client. I love when I'm contacted for collaborative opportunities for my blog. I feel so blessed and appreciated for all of my hard work. Going forward, I'm hoping to just keep going and staying focused on my career and my blog because those two things are my top priorities right now.
Plan: stay focused on the blog and clients and work hard. Keep on seeking out opportunities and make myself open to any potential opportunities that come my way.

Start winding down.
When I decided to go freelance, I knew that even though I'd be more flexible with my time and work schedule, I wouldn't work the typical 9-5 role so I'd be working more hours, which is typical for those who are self-employed. Unless I'm out networking or socialising with my friends, I work every single day (yes, I work the weekdays and the weekends) and I sometimes work evenings too. I am beginning to feel as though this is too much and I can't carry on like this. I am not bad with my time - in fact, I am very productive and I utilise my time effectively, plus I still get up early in the mornings to work. But, I'm reaching a point where my mindset is changed. I love my career and my blog but I can't (and don't want to) work evenings and weekends anymore. My time and moments of relaxation are very precious to me.

I've also cut down the amount of work that I'm doing too. This doesn't mean that I'm unavailable to work with new clients or on blogger collaborations though, this just means that I'm changing my work schedule and prioritising my time. My goal is to get to mid-November/beginning of December with less work to do and more time to myself, so I'm working towards that now in order to ensure that happens. That doesn't mean I will not take on work for December - it just means that I want to reduce my workload. I'm the worst person when it comes to taking on too much and I really can't help myself, but this is a really bad habit that I need to break. Growing up, keeping myself extremely busy was my coping mechanism but now I'm just sick of being busy all the time. I need to catch a break.
Plan: Stop working the evenings and weekends, and prioritise 'me-time' and relaxation time instead. Be more selective over the work and/or amount of work I take on. Refuse blogger collaborations that are not paid/rewarded/compensated.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?

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