Saturday, July 15, 2017

If you want to get the prettiest accessories, then Skinnydip London is the brand to check out!
The brand sells the most snazzy and stylish items ever, so I've had a look and I've picked out a few items that I'm lusting after.

Skinnydip London designs the best phone cases ever, but they are only made for iPhones, which is such a shame. I'm thinking about possibly switching from Android to iPhone, so if I had an iPhone then this is the one I'd pick. It's a dreamy and glamourous marble case with pink metallic flecks that make the case stand out from the typical marble cases out there.

I'm obsessed with bags and I like the look of this black backpack. It's versatile, waterproof and I love the faux croc-leather design - so stylish!

Holographics are in and they are so on trend right now. I'd like a shiny and colourful laptop case so that I could place my laptop in a suitable case and take it anywhere with me. Alternatively, I'd get the Flamingo Laptop Case.
I need to get a brush set to add to my makeup collection, and this set of premium brushes looks on-point. The brushes are soft, sculpted and well-designed for precise application and blending.

I love the look of this faux leather bag. With its pastel pink shade and silver studs, this cross-body bag is perfectly chic and it's definitely a must-have item to add to my bag collection.

Which Skinnydip item is on your wishlist?

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