New Shoes Anyone?*

I love shoes. I've got so many pairs at home! Best of all, I love to discover new and upcoming footwear brands.

I recently heard about Caplait Shoes via Twitter and I got in touch with Usman, the Creative Director. Then I was sent a pair of sandals to try out.

Caplait Shoes specialise in handcrafting high-quality and beautiful sandals and each collection consists of different patterns and designs. After looking at each pair, I can see that a lot of creativity and detail has gone into making the sandals.

The pair of sandals I received is from the Jisti Collection.

Not only does the pair of sandals look nice and stylish for the summer, they are quite sturdy too. The soles of the sandals are very strong, and it protects the feet while you walk. I think it's good that the shoes have been designed with style and functionality in mind and that is so important, as a lot of 'nice-looking' shoes are not created in that way, and often those type of shoes are weak and flimsy at the bottom. I'm flat-footed so the design and comfort of footwear are very important to me, and Caplait shoes have been made well.

All in all, I'm very pleased with Caplait Shoes, and I would recommend purchasing a pair of sandals from the brand!

Caplait Shoes is launching its Kickstarter campaign tomorrow (11th July), so sign up and receive exclusive offers! Also, give the brand a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

UPDATE: Caplait Shoes has launched its Kickstarter campaign. If you can, please donate towards the brand as you would be supporting its stance on ethical fashion. You can donate here.

*Like I mentioned before, I was sent a pair of Caplait sandals to try out in exchange for a feature on my blog and social media channels, but all of my opinions are my own.

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