A strongly believe in the mantra "home sweet home."

Unfortunately, my experience has not been the case of 'home sweet home' at all. Throughout my entire life, I've lived in homes where I have been treated so poorly, and I've often lived in environments where I'm surrounded by toxic, horrible and hostile people who set out to put me down, hurt me, shame me, penalise me, single me out and disrespect me. It's sad and it's such a shame because my home values don't seem to translate into my home experiences, and it's terrible because all I have ever wanted was a happy home, and I really don't think that's much to ask for.

As a result of my bad experiences, I have decided that in the (hopefully not-to-distant) future, I'd like to live on my own. I have literally had enough of living with vicious, horrible, abusive and nasty people so I'm better off alone. I've decided to start saving up for the future move. I don't care how long it takes me, eventually, I hope to get to that point because it's one of my goals. It's something I've always wished for (and dreamed of) since I was a child: a cosy, happy and drama-free sanctuary that I can call my own.

Even when I was away living at university, I always made sure my room was my cosy little place and I always kept myself to myself, and I loved it.

Ultimately, I want a home that incorporates my values. My home should be safe and secure at all times. My home should be my sanctuary and I should be able to feel at peace in my own home. My home should be my happy place, full of laughter, happy memories, fulfilment and joy. My home should be my happy place and it should be a place I can feel pleased and proud to call 'home'.

Ultimately, I want a home that I can call my own.

A home should be home sweet home.

Do you live on your own? How do you feel about your home?


  1. I've had such horrible experiences living with roommates. Can't remember 1 good one. Finally decided to start living on my own 16 months ago and it is worth the extra expenses. Couldn't imagine going into a rommmate situation again. I hope you save up enough soon. It's worth every penny! I'd pay anything for this peace of mind, girl.

    1. That's the thing: most of my experiences living with others has been overwhelming negatively. It got to a point where living with others was starting to have a negative impact on my mental health. I'd be willing to extra just for that peace of mind! I'd love to live on my own and I could never ever live with flatmates/housemates again.


  2. I can totally relate all that Ive ever wanted was a happy home too that i can call Home!