Dr. Zak's Cookie Review!*

As I've previously mentioned on here, I'm gradually moving away from sugary snacks to healthier snacks and I'm doing well so far. I eat so much fruit and veg and I don't feel the need to snack on sugary foods. Plus, I think drinking lots of water every day (especially hot water with a slice of lemon) has helped me but I don't know if it's just me.
However, when I received information on Dr Zaks, I just knew I had to give some of the products a try!

Here's a bit of an introduction: Dr Zak's is a food brand that specialises in taking everyday snacks and making them a lot healthier by adding more protein and reducing the amount of carbs and sugar in each product.

In the package, I received these products:
- High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie
- High Protein Triple Chocolate Cookie
- High Protein Salted Caramel Cookie
- High Protein Chipotle Clusters
- High Protein Fruit and Yoghurt Clusters
- High Protein Chocolate Clusters

I decided to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie, the Triple Chocolate Cookie, the Chocolate Clusters and the Fruit and Yoghurt Clusters. I didn't try the other products because I knew they would not be to my taste. I didn't finish the Chocolate Clusters and the Triple Chocolate Cookie because they just weren't to my taste either. I liked the Fruit and Yoghurt Clusters and I really liked the taste of the Chocolate Chip Cookie, so that's a favourite for me! In particular, the cookies are quite soft and not very sweet, but I like that. Quite often, cookies in many stores are very high in sugar, high in calories and are a bit too hard.

All in all, I'd definitely love to try more of Dr Zak's products. They are high in protein, low in sugar and carbs and free of palm oil. They are also suitable for vegetarians and are Halal too.

*Thank you to the marketing team at Dr. Zak's for sending me the products for review.

All opinions are my own. :)

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