#CheatOnWater with Zeo!

Recently I went to visit Zeo's temporary pop-up shop at Old Street station to attend the #CheatOnWater event, which was organised by Scarlett Events.
When I first received the invitation to the event, I must admit, I was a little bit sceptical at first because of the 'Cheat On Water' hashtag. As we all know, there is no drink healthier than water and in my mind, the majority of soft drinks are full of sugar and chemicals I can't pronounce.

However, after finding out more about Zeo and attending the event, I can understand that, actually, you can cheat on water and get away with it!

I went to the #CheatOnWater event a couple of weeks ago, where I met wonderful bloggers and tried out the drinks, as well as sampling The Primal Pantry's vegan bars too and looking at Style Sportif's atheleisurewear clothing collection. However, the drinks were the main focus, as well as the 'voga' session later on in the evening.

To go into detail, Zeo's soft drinks are made with no added sugar. Best of all, the drinks are made with spring water and are low in calories, so you can enjoy! The drinks are available to purchase from Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Zeo's drinks are available in four flavours: Peach & Grapefruit, Cloudy Lemon, Orange & Mango and Cranberry & Raspberry. 

Cloudy Lemon is my favourite!

After tasting samples of each drink at the event, I must say I was quite pleased and satisfied with the taste. It's not very sweet, but as someone who has a sweet tooth and is cutting down on sugary snacks and drinks, that is absolutely fine with me. The drinks taste like water with a little bit of fruit flavour and a little bit of fizz.

I would definitely say that the Zeo's drinks get a 10/10 from me, and I would say that the soft drinks are perfect for a party or a picnic.

As for the #CheatOnWater event, I really enjoyed it! It was so lovely to meet Scarlett again, the meet the people at Zeo and to meet fellow bloggers!

I also left the event with some wonderful goodies!

All in all, it was a great event!

Have you tried Zeo's drinks? Would you try the range?

*Thank you to Scarlett Dixon for inviting me to this event.


  1. These drinks look great! I might even recommend them to an American friend I work with who is after something like a drink she has in the states. She describes it as a fizzy water with just a little fruit flavour and little sweetness, so it might do the trick! Thanks :)