5 Ways To Make Bold Lips Last

Anyone who knows me and knows me well is aware of how much I love to create bold-coloured lips. Dark reds, purples and dark pink shades are perfect for my lips!
Quite often I am asked "How do you manage to make your lipstick stay on all day? How do you make the shade last?" To be honest, I'm not exactly an expert - I just happen to select certain techniques and tricks to make my lip colour last because nothing is worse than a shade that fades after hours, or after eating and drinking.

Here are five ways I like to make bold lips last to make them look flawless.

1. I moisturise my lips first.
Way before I apply a lip product, I always moisturise my lips because my lips are prone to cracking, and cracked lips are not a good look. I like my lips to look smooth.

2. I use lip liner before applying lipstick.
I (over)line all over my lips in order to make them more defined and to make them a little bit plump. Alternatively, I like to use lip crayons. Another product to try out would be a lip stain.

3. I use matte liquid lipsticks.
Matte lip products are perfect for making your lips a lot bolder and plumper than they actually are. Plus, matte lipsticks can be long-lasting as long as they don't leave a drying effect.

4. I blot my lips.
Top tip: when you apply the first layer of your favourite lip product, press a piece of tissue against your lips. This will remove any excess oil and lip stains, making your lip shade last longer.

5. I mix shades.
Sometimes I like to combine different shades in order to make my lips stand out, but I find that this technique also helps to make the colour last too.

What is your favourite lip product?


  1. Liquid lipsticks are my go to! I have a ton of shades and find that most of them last all day!!
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk