Last week I attended a different kind of event.

I attended The Super Orgasm Event - organised by Scarlet Ladies - in central London near Old Street (at 23 Paul Street). It was hosted by Alix Fox, who is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and sex educator.

It was a chance to find out more about the ladies behind the Channel 4 documentary The Super Orgasm, which was broadcast on the 13th April and is still available to watch online.

The ladies on the panel included:
- Liz Friend - documentary filmmaker and Producer/Director of The Super Orgasm documentary
- Romany Reagan - San Diego born PhD candidate
- Natalie Wright - engineering student from Bournemouth and dabbler in kink
- Jannette Davies - Co-Founder of Scarlet Ladies and masturbation evangelist

Overall, it was a chance to ask the panel questions about the documentary and it was a casual chat about sex, relationships and orgasms. I really enjoyed the event, it was nice to be in a space where sex could be spoken about so openly by other women. I am a big believer in sexual liberation so to have a space where sex can be spoken about so openly with a heck of a lot of confidence and without any shame is quite empowering. Also, there was a lot of talk on female pleasure, which is something that society seems to ignore. Women love sex too!

As I mentioned before, the event was held at 23 Paul Street, a club that describes itself as the "house of striptease" that is "humorously decadent with an air of witty naughtiness."  It was a very cosy place with a certain vibe and ambience to it, and we were all served with glasses of prosecco!

Scarlet Ladies frequently runs events centred around sex, love and relationships for women - as well as encouraging all women from all walks of life to feel sexually liberated and empowered - so if you are interested in attending one then check them out here.

Have you ever been to a sex and relationships event?

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