Spring Has Sprung!

It's almost summer, but the best thing about this current season is spring cleaning and a chance to start afresh!

Honestly, I love spring cleaning, though I do this all year round. However, to get into spring-mode and to get into the mood, I like to prep and give my bedroom a refresh.

I add new cushions.
I love cushions. They are great for decoration and they make my bed so cosy. I like to purchase in different shapes, colours and patterns.

I buy a new set of sheets.
I wash my bedsheets every week, but I like to buy new sets to make my bed look nice and new.

I reorganise my desk.

I do a lot of work at my desk so it has to be clean, tidy and organised at all times. A messy and cluttered desk messes up my mind and makes me feel unfocused, irritated and demotivated, so I like to make sure that my desk is totally sorted.

I declutter and deep clean.

I recycle, give away or get rid of the things I don't need because I don't like to have too much stuff. I clean my room regularly but I like to deep clean - I can't stand a messy or filthy room - it makes me moody - and I view cleaning as maintenance, so I like my room clean and tidy all year round.

I clean my mattress.
Okay, I don't know if anyone else is like this, but I like to clean my mattress by hoovering and spraying it. Also, whenever I move into a new home I always like to make sure that I have a fresh new mattress. After all, what is the point of trying to get a good night's sleep if your mattress isn't in the best condition? If you are searching for a mattress that is comfortable, luxurious and perfect, then check out Leesa, a luxury mattress company.

I decorate.

I add new items - frames against the walls, cushions, inspirational posters containing positive mantras and pretty objects on my windowsill. I like adding bright and beautiful items to my room as I like my room to feel cosy and reflect my wonderful personality.

I add a touch of fragrance.
I like my bedroom to smell nice, sweet and fresh, so I like to purchase scented reed diffusers and room sprays.

P.S. If you want a comfortable night's sleep, and you are searching for a high-quality, luxurious mattress then you can get £50 off when you order with Leesa!

Happy sleeping! :)

What do you do to refresh your bedroom?

*This is a collaborative post and this post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

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