Monday, May 29, 2017

Hey all, I hope you are having a fantastic bank holiday weekend!
I am sure you have noticed this by now, but I have just had my blog header and Twitter cover changed, and I am really pleased!

For a long time, I'd wanted to have a snazzy design for my header, but when I came across Em (of Emmy's Beauty Cave) and saw that she was offering custom blog header designs, I got in touch with her.

The service was fantastic and the process was simple and straightforward. I explained what I wanted (colour themes, fonts and images) and after a few days she sent me a few drafts of headers she had created in accordance with my requirements. I settled on the header pictured above, then I implemented it onto my blog and Twitter account.

Overall, I am very happy with the design. In fact, I couldn't be happier. The header looks attractive and it represents who I am and what my blog is all about.

Check out Emmy's blog here and take a look and the custom blog header designs service here.

Enjoy the rest of your day! :)

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