My Top 5 Reality TV Shows

I love watching reality TV.

To some it's 'trash TV' but I really don't care. I hate this perception that if you watch reality TV, it must mean that you are superficial and unintelligent, and that's not true. I'm the type of person who can watch 'serious' genres of TV: political satire, documentaries and period dramas.

There are so many reality shows out there to watch for entertainment, and the best thing is that the subscription service hayu. is available so that anyone can watch as many reality television shows as they wish! It's like the Netflix of reality TV, and you can get a 30 day free trial! I might just sign up myself!

Anyway, here are my top five favourite reality TV shows that I like to watch in my spare time.

1. The Real Housewives

I enjoy watching The Real Housewives and I've pretty much watched most of the franchises: Atlanta, New Jersey, New York City, Cheshire, Vancouver, Miami, Orange Country, Beverly Hills and Potomac. However, my favourite franchises The Real Housewives of New York City, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Real Housewives of Cheshire. It's interesting to see the glitzy and glamourous lives of women in these cities. My favourite cast member from The Real Housewives shows is Dina Manzo (RHONJ). I also like Carol and Heather (RHONYC) and Ampika (RHOCheshire).

2. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is a show that follows the lives of young people who live in Beverly Hills, are obsessed with social media (especially Instagram) and live enviable lifestyles. My favourite cast member is Ej Johnson, who's so sassy and funny!

3. Married To Medicine

Married to Medicine is a show that is all about women who are married to medics or are medics themselves. The show is set in Atlanta, Georgia, and it follows the glamourous lives, trials and tribulations of the women. My favourite cast members are Dr Jackie and Dr Simone.

4. Ladies of London

Like The Real Housewives and Married to Medicine, Ladies of London follows a similar theme: a show about the fancy lifestyles of a group of high society and wealthy women in London, some of whom are connected to upper-class and aristoratic families. Best of all, one of the cast members, Juliet Angus, has is a fashion consultant and she has her own style blog!

5. Sister Wives

I must admit, before I started watching this show I had some preconceived notions about what to expect from it. I knew it was a show about a polygamist family, but when I started viewing it I was pleasantly surprised. It was interesting to see the dymanics between the wives and Kody, especially when Robyn became a sister wife, and the family is much more liberal than I thought. Best of all, they all seem so well connected and united as a huge and loving family.

Other recommendations:
- Big Rich Texas
- Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars
- The Simple Life
- Big Rich Atlanta
- Selling It In The ATL
- Ice Loves Coco
- Don't Be Tardy

Do you watch reality TV? What are your favourite reality TV shows?

*This is a collaborative post with hay.u, which contains and affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Lol fun and interesting read.
    I love the housewives (Atlanta and Potomac). Married to medicine (I can't stand Quad and Mariah) married to medicine Houston is so much better IMO. I also enjoy Married at first sights (I'd probably do this show haha), the barchelor/bachelorette. Survivor and The amazing race. Then I also enjoy the Duggar shows
    That's about the reality shows I watch.

    1. Same here - I can't stand Mariah and Quad.