How To Help Out Your Fellow Bloggers

Ever since I stumbled across the blogging world a few years ago, I've been blessed to have become a part of it.

It's so nice to be a member of a community where I can fit in and be myself, and it's lovely to be able to meet others who share the same hobby and interest. I've always had issues trying to fit in whilst I was growing up  - I had the same issue at university - but I'm so glad that I was able to pursue a hobby of mine and to be a part of something where I don't have to change myself or justify why I blog.

However, there are some issues within the blogging world. Exclusivity is given to 'big bloggers' while the rest of us are forgotten about. PR and brands feel as though it's okay to use bloggers for free publicity. Bitchy and catty behaviour aimed at bloggers and top influencers online (i.e. GuruGossiper.) There is a lot of drama and nastiness on social media too (#botgate anyone?) Sometimes, it all gets a bit too much and it can sometimes feel as though I'm back in high school with all the mean girls.

But the most important thing is to support fellow bloggers. No cattiness. No put downs. No drama. Just support and positivity, and here are the ways I do this.

Commenting on blog posts
I like to read a lot of blogs and I like to add my two cents (I'm quite opinionated) so if I read a post and/or totally relate to then I'll add a comment plus my blog link at the bottom of the post.

Liking, Tweeting and retweeting posts
If I have read a piece of content that I'm really impressed by, then I'll like, Tweet or retweet a link to the post so that my followers can read it too.

Clicking on affiliate links and ad banners
Let's face it - most bloggers monetise their platforms and there is nothing wrong with that, so I like to give them a helping hand. I'll click on the affiliate link or ad banner. I don't just click for the sake of doing them a favour though - usually, I'm genuinely interested in the product/item/service in question.

Twitter chats
I haven't been involved in Twitter chats for some time now, but they are a great way to get involved and engage with fellow bloggers on various topics and conversations. I recommend #lbloggerschat, #thegirlgang and #sassygirls/#sassygirlschat by Coconut Lane.

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Follow Fridays! (#FF)
Most Fridays I like to send out a Tweet recommending bloggers (and vloggers) to follow using the hashtag #FF (which stands for Follow Fridays). The hashtag is also a great way to discover new blogs to follow.

Following via Twitter and Bloglovin
If I like a blog/blogger, then I will follow her/him to stay up to date with the latest posts on their blogs.

How do you help out your fellow bloggers?

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