Home Alone?

One thing that is often felt amongst freelancers is the sense of loneliness and it's a very common issue.

I've been reading an article titled Home alone? Dealing with the solitude of self-employment The Guardian's website and it raises some very valid points. Around 40% of freelancers have said that they have felt lonely since becoming their own boss. I understand it: when you work from home you don't have someone to talk to, a colleague to check up on you, or office activities to participate in. Sometimes you may go for days without speaking to someone face-to-face and for a lot of people that can be very isolating.

But I think that depends on you and your experience.

I started working from home last year in November. Apart from the times where I have taken on a couple of internships and worked as a temp, I have spent most of my time working remotely since then and working only my own. But I must admit, not once have I felt lonely.

I don't feel lonely. I don't get lonely. I do live at home with my family, but I always find a corner of the house to work from and I just get on with the tasks at hand. I've just started had my office set up and for most of the day, evening and weekends, I work from there.

Living with my family is not the reason why I don't feel lonely, though.

I don't feel lonely. I don't miss going into the workplace. I don't miss the things that come with working with others and I don't feel as though I'm missing out on work activities. I couldn't care less about that stuff and I am quite content without it. I love working from home because I don't have to deal with the crap that comes with working in a 'typical job' (i.e. office politics, discriminatory and unfair hiring and firing practices, commuting into work during rush hour and bosses breathing down my neck). Working from home has enabled me to work more and be much more productive. Plus, it has given me certain freedoms that I wouldn't have had in a 'typical job.' I'm self-employed so I'm my own boss, and I work with my clients, not for them (there is a difference.) I'm in charge of my daily schedule. I have been able to regain the work-life balance and I can be flexible with my schedule. I network a lot more than I did before. I don't have to commute anymore. I can take many breaks and naps as I want (I need naps, they help me to recharge). I can travel, run errands and attend social events during off-peak times.

I'm an introvert. I love solitude. I love spending time alone. I love working alone. I socialise and network a lot so I'm out of the house some of the time. If I ever feel 'cooped up' in the house then I go into the garden or go for a walk in the local parks. A bit of fresh air always clears my mind. If I ever fancy a change of scenery, then I can head off to a coffee shop or the local library. Also, there are co-working spaces available so that I can meet freelance creatives like myself.

All in all, I enjoy working from and I don't feel lonely. If anything, I thrive on solitude, and I'm so glad that working remotely has allowed me to progress in my career.


Do you work remotely?


  1. Perhaps the extroverts tend to experience this sense of loneliness more since they feed off those external energies. I'm introverted so I really enjoy that quietness. I live alone; on my days off work I barely smell the door let alone step out. ����. I haven't felt lonely in a long time.

    1. Yes, I guess that's what it is, whereas us introverts don't feel the need to rely on others for that energy. I love the quietness and I feel much more at peace since I stopped working in the workplace. If anything, I have felt lonely, excluded and isolated in my previous jobs.

      It's so cool that you live alone. I want to live alone and that's my goal for the future.


    2. Yeah definitely! Living alone has its ups and downs. I do sometimes miss coming home to real humans and actually saying hello hi to someone. ����. But other than that, it's awesome! I say stay home and save up as much as you can tho. It's not the most affordable living option -_-

    3. That's cool! I personally don't like living with others - I have had so many issues living with others throughout my life and I've reached the end of my tether - and I'm such an introvert, I need my solitude and I need my space and time to myself, as well as my peace and quiet.

      Saving up as much as I can is definitely what I'm trying to do. I live in London and it's so expensive to live here, whether you houseshare/pay mortgage/live alone/etc etc. My plan is to save up to buy and move away from where I live. I want to get onto the property ladder as soon as possible so I'm looking into possible options (i.e. shared ownership, government help to buy schemes, etc).

      Whatever happens, I'm determined to live on my own in the future.