Healthier Habits!

Since the last couple years I spent at university, I have always tried to adopt healthier habits.

I am not a 'clean eater,' dietician or nutritionist, and when it comes to being healthy, there is definitely room for improvement. However, I've always tried to adopt healthier habits.

Drinking more water.
As a child, I hated the taste of water, but now I can't get enough of it. I drink plenty of glasses of water throughout the day in order to hydrate myself. It's good for your skin and body. My body has become so used to the amount of water I drink, so if I don't drink enough I can feel the effects. If you don't like the taste of water then add a slice of fresh lemon or lime.

Cooking meals from scratch every single day.
I started doing this while I was living away at university and I came to enjoy it - even though I don't like cooking! Cooking food from scratch is healthier than eating junk food and takeaways all the time, and it's quite satisfying. It's nice knowing that I am nourishing my body with freshly cooked meals. Always cook with foods that are completely fresh, and eat three times a day.

Cutting down on sugary snacks.
Honestly, I am the worst when it comes to eating sugary snack - I have such a sweet tooth. It got to a point where I was eating a sugary snack every day and that wasn't good, so I started replacing sugary snacks with fresh fruits and I started to feel so much better.

That's my piece of advice for those with sugary snacks: cut them out and replace them with a better alternative - such as LighterLife Fast Bites. Also, don't add sugar to meals and drinks and avoid foods that contain sweeteners or are 'low-fat.' Watch out for the hidden sugars in foods.

Eating loads of fruit and veg.
It's always important to get your 5-a-day, so make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg. Most of the meals I cooked at university had a lot of veg in them, and I'd eat a salad almost every day - there was a wonderful salad bar at my union on campus!

Getting plenty of sleep.
I actually get plenty of sleep (8-9 hours) but it's best to get to bed early. Go to bed at the same time every evening, wake up at the same time every day and get to bed way before midnight to keep your body clock in sync.

Eating a healthy breakfast everyday.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I like to eat porridge oats (completely plain, nothing added) and that keeps me fueled until lunchtime.

Grill, boil and roast...
...instead of frying foods.

Don't add salt... the table. Such a bad habit!

Go skipping!
When I was away at university I'd walk everyday. Since I graduated I stopped walking as much as I used to so I joined a gym, but I just didn't have the motivation. So I came up with a plan - to go skipping! As a child I loved skipping so I like to skip in the garden every day. It keeps me a bit fit. I still like to walk though: I live near a couple of parks and there are nearby areas that I prefer to walk to instead of taking the bus.

What are your healthy habits?

* This post was written in collaboration with Superdrug Health but all opinions are my own.

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