12 Sources of Free High Quality Stock Images

Photography is a big part of running a blog. As well as the words, the visuals are an important part of content creation.

However, while there are a lot of bloggers out there who take their own photos (kudos to them) most of us can't. If I am writing a review on a product then yes, I will take my own photos. Apart from that, most of the time I have to use royalty-free stock images. This is because I don't have a camera (and I can't afford one) so I use my phone, I often don't have the time to take photos, and I can't afford a photographer.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using stock photos for your blog. It's much better than using images from Google, Pinterest or Tumblr (and just for the record, you should not do this otherwise you can be sued for copyright infringement.) Best of off, you can get FREE (yes, FREE) images for your blog without having to pay a penny at all!

Here are 12 sources of free high-quality stock images.
1. Pixabay
2. Picjumbo
3. Pexels - my favourite!
4. Unsplash
5. Ashely Ella Design - my favourite!
6. Ivorymix - my favourite!
7. Creative Commons
8. The Cotswolds Company
9. Free Stock
10. Flickr
11. StockSnap
12. Death To The Stock Photo

What are your favourite websites to use for blog photography? List them below in the comments section!

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